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The COVID pandemic poses major challenges for real estate agents  when it comes to real estate brokerage, buying and selling properties. Due to hygiene measures, face-to-face visits with interested parties can only be carried out to a very limited extent. Time-saving mass appointments are impossible for the broker. In contrast, the numerous individual visits are very complex and often not effective. StoryBox offers a simple solution to this problem: Attractive real estate videos, which are created by the brokers themselves via a smartphone app as part of the StoryBox Cloud and made available to interested parties.

Another advantage of using StoryBox videos is distinguishing yourself from the competition in an oversaturated real estate market. Anyone who stands out here enhances the property and image material with the use of video presentations and provides the customer with significant added value, and that is often the decisive selling point — score points during the purchase with the seller by presenting their sales video on site.


On the one hand, real estate agents want to optimally present the corresponding properties to a wide range of interested parties. On the other hand, numerous, time-consuming, and costly individual visits should be avoided, which may not lead to any conclusion. With StoryBox real estate videos, a certain selection can be made in advance, which allows the circle of interested parties to be narrowed down qualitatively. Compared to a photo, videos are unbeatable: they offer a much better and more realistic picture of the rooms, lighting conditions, and surroundings. This ensures that customers and brokers can pre-select the properties that are as effective and tailored as possible. StoryBox also makes it much easier to have a presence on social networks and to place your products as widely as possible and stand out from the competition.

Integration & implementation

In May 2020, ivd24 decided to work with StoryBox. As part of the pandemic, the real estate portal of the professional association for real estate consultants, administrators, brokers, and self-employed people is using video communication with customers and interested parties to meet the new challenges.

An agreementis reachedwith the owners of the properties that the marketing willbe supplementedby videos that comply with the basic data protection regulation by the GDPR. Brokers or intermediaries can then create object videos easily with StoryBox. The advantage of the app is that it is easy to use andthe informativereal estate templates. With this large pool of templates, you can make a suitable selection depending on the nature of the object and create a simple and attractive video yourself in no timeat all. Each roomis filmedwith an exterior and interior view, for example. In addition to numerous other features, the app offers the option of integrating sound and music, placing a company logo, and additional text.Individual clips or object views can also be replacedlater.For example, if the sun is not shining on the daythe video was created,sun views caneasilybe includedlater withouthaving to re-createthe entire video.Using a correspondinglinkThe videos are then very easy to upload to the ivd24 websiteand distribute them via the desired channels: Facebook, Instagram, any real estate portals, or, if applicable, on the broker's website.


Almost a year after the app was introduced, a clear picture is emerging. + Increased effectiveness rate for sales/rentals real estate offers with video presentations are becoming more effective, which saves time and money. Broker Erik K. appreciates his Time savings of around 25 percent:

“My experience shows that with StoryBox video objects, I have to arrange fewer viewings with customers. However, if there is an on-site appointment, the deal is more likely because the interested parties are better informed. This remains important even in times after Corona. ”

In many cases, ivd24 was able to optimize the placement process through more comprehensive video information and the associated pre-selection of customers. Only interested parties whose ideas of the property were optimally in line with the actual circumstances agreed on a face-to-face appointment. Targeted sales and brokerage meetings were then possible here. Increase in customer demand and increase in real estate offerings. The brokers who actively use StoryBox report a significantly increased customer demand.

“We immediately notice when a StoryBox video is set that the views are increasing and we are being contacted more frequently,” Wilhelm P., realtor. 

At the same time, due to the increased success rate, property owners are also entrusting more properties to these brokers. Trust in brokers increases when the success rate is positive. The brokers rated the high video quality and the ability to include your company logo in the StoryBox video positively. Especially In the highly competitive real estate market, the need to visually stand out from the competition through branding is increasing

Wide reach via social media

“The decision to work with StoryBox was the right move for us and we were also able to improve our reach on social networks. The development of views on Facebook and Instagram is the best proof of this. Since the introduction, we have 75% more views here“(Manuel Neuer, digital strategist, ivd24)

Core result example: 

In the core example, the corresponding property was initially posted by the broker on September 02, 2020, without a video. A StoryBox video was added on September 16, 2020. The increase in views is very clear. While contact requests almost doubled, significantly fewer visits were arranged in the second period. The interested parties were able to get an exact picture of the property in advance. The reduced number of viewings is positive for the broker due to the time savings; after the third visit, the result was already a positive conclusion.

Without StoryBox video (02.09.-15.09.2020)With StoryBox Video (16.09.-30.09.2020) Date of publication02.09.202016.09.2020Duration 14 days15 daysViews since date of publication52162Provider contacted1220views73 (1 with positive conclusion on 30.09.2020) 

About ivd24

ivd24 is the real estate portal of the IVD Real Estate Association, the professional association for real estate consultants, brokers, administrators, and experts. Only members certified by associations and qualified members list their properties here. By narrowing down the provider field to association members, a high level of provider quality is ensured. At ivd24, prospective buyers and tenants can find reputable real estate offers without locks or fake objects. The platform is completely ad-free, and the focus is on the clear presentation of the properties. The expert search only lists IVD members. Regardless of whether you need a broker, property manager, or expert, you can quickly find the right partner for your property here.


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