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In today's digital era, visibility on social media is a decisive factor in the success of recruiting strategies. Videos, particularly those created by employees, have proven to be an extremely effective way of attracting potential applicants' attention to job ads and career sites. This article highlights how you can significantly increase the reach and engagement of your recruiting content by using employee videos and why this strategy will become increasingly important in the future.

Using videos in social recruiting

Videos in social recruiting can be used in a variety of ways not only to increase the reach of job advertisements but also to actively interact with potential applicants and integrate them more deeply into the corporate culture. Here are some effective ways to incorporate video into your social recruiting plan:

  1. Creating “hind-the-scenes” videos: Show potential applicants what a typical day at your company looks like. Such videos provide an authentic picture of the working atmosphere and corporate culture, which is particularly attractive for younger employees.
  2. Employee testimonials: Videos, where employees talk about their experiences, career development, and the benefits of working at your company, can add a personal touch and increase interest in open positions.
  3. Job preview videos: Present specific roles and projects through short videos that highlight the responsibilities and challenges of these positions. This helps applicants understand what exactly their potential responsibilities will be.
  4. Use of user-generated content: Encourage employees to create their videos and share them on their social media channels. This can increase credibility and show that employees are proud of their work and their employer.

By using videos strategically, you can build a strong employer brand while creating a direct and personal connection with potential candidates. This not only makes your company more attractive as a place to work but also improves the quality and accuracy of the applications you receive.

Three examples from our customers of what the whole thing can look like:

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Importance of employee-created videos for social recruiting

Why employee-created videos?

Authenticity is key in today's media landscape. Employee-created videos offer an unbiased and personal perspective on working life in your company that is rarely achieved through traditional advertising content. A study by Cisco shows that video content will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2023, a clear indicator of the growing importance of video as a means of communication.

Visual impact and engagement

Videos are a highly visual medium that can convey complex information simply and appealingly. In a world where attention spans are constantly declining and the flood of information is increasing, videos help to quickly attract viewers' attention and retain them for longer. A study by Forrester shows that one minute of video is worth around 1.8 million words, which underscores the immense capacity of videos to communicate messages quickly [spring].

Increasing popularity of video content

With the growing prevalence of smartphones and improved Internet speeds, more and more people are consuming video content. Platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are seeing a steady increase in video content, which confirms the popularity of this format. Companies that integrate video into their recruiting therefore appeal to a broad, tech-savvy target group, which increasingly consists of digital natives.

Authenticity and transparency

Videos enable companies to authentically present their corporate culture and work environment. Potential applicants can get a real insight into everyday working life through videos, which can be decisive when deciding whether or not to apply. This contributes to the formation of a transparent and trusting relationship between employers and potential employees.

Reaching passive candidates

Many qualified candidates are not actively looking for jobs. However, videos can be distributed via social media platforms and thus attract the attention of these passive candidates. Through interesting and appealing content, companies can arouse the curiosity of these people and encourage them to learn more about the jobs offered and the company.

Long-term relevance and SEO benefits

Videos are increasingly being given preferential treatment by search engines such as Google, which can lead to better rankings in search results. Companies that regularly produce and share high-quality videos are thus improving their visibility and findability on the Internet. Videos also offer excellent opportunities to integrate keywords and hashtags, which further increases their findability on social media platforms.

competitive advantage

In a competitive job market, videos can give a company a decisive advantage. By using videos in recruitment, companies can position themselves as innovative and employee-oriented, which is particularly attractive to younger generations.

Overall, the use of videos in social recruiting is not just a response to current trends, but a strategic decision that can help companies remain relevant and competitive in the future. As a result of increasing digitization and the shift in media consumption habits, the importance of videos will only continue to grow, making them an indispensable tool in modern recruiting.

Benefits of videos in recruiting

Videos not only increase the visibility of your job ads but also improve employer branding. A well-thought-out video strategy can help tell the story of your company, show off your company's culture, and strengthen ties with potential candidates.

Create effective recruiting videos

How should videos be designed?

Effective recruiting videos should be short, contain emotional elements that appeal to viewers, and include clear call-to-actions that encourage viewers to learn more or apply. It's also important that the videos are optimized for mobile devices.

Using StoryBox to create videos

StoryBox is an excellent tool for creating CI-compliant videos quickly and easily. With its user-friendly interface, employees without previous video experience can create authentic and appealing videos that can then be shared on various social media platforms.

Long-term relevance of social recruiting with video

Using video content in recruiting will not only be an answer to current media trends, but a strategic decision that helps companies remain relevant and competitive. As a result of increasing digitization and the shift in media consumption habits, the importance of videos will only continue to grow, making them an indispensable tool in modern recruiting.


Integrating video into your social recruiting can significantly increase your visibility on social media and build stronger ties with potential employees. Incorporating tools like StoryBox allows your team to quickly and easily create high-quality content that effectively conveys your message and increases the chances of reaching both active and passive job candidates. Use the power of video to revolutionize your recruiting and position yourself as an attractive employer in the digital landscape.

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