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Are you looking for new talents who will support your company in its day-to-day work and get to work with a breath of fresh air? Then it is time to focus more on recruiting. Of course, you can follow various strategies and, for example, on the classic Vacancies on job boards, on the company homepage, or in print media.

You are successful with your Recruiting? Do you use videos? Why this has become so interesting for recruiters and talents in recent years and what are the benefits of recruiting videos as part of employee recruitment, we'll tell in this article.

StoryBox is the key to making recruiting compelling and personal. Address candidates with video messages and establish personal contact throughout the recruiting process. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces.

The relevance of videos in recruiting

Nowadays, it's hard to ignore the video format. In particular, the generation of digital natives deals with moving images daily and consumes content in this form via social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The usual television program is no longer attractive to this generation. They spend instead a lot of time on a smartphone or tablet and are active on social media.

It is therefore all the more important to recognize the relevance of the video format for companies as well as a strategy in Recruiting to integrate. In this way, you can increase attention to your company and the vacant positions.

The recruiting video and its benefits

If you are responsible for the recruiting in your company and you incorporate video as a measure in your modern recruiting strategy, you can benefit from many different advantages. 

With  videos, you can actively influence how your company is perceived as an employer on the job market. This also gives you the opportunity to get rid of misconceptions or even possible prejudices of people with your company or with a specific job profile.

With the help of a recruiting video the talents receive an insight long before sending the candidature into everyday working life in your company and thus immediately get a sense of whether the job or the company suits them. By doing so, you not only influence the employer branding but also the candidate Experience.

In addition, the special feature of a recruiting video is that talents and applicants can capture all essential information within a few minutes. This way, they are not forced to read long job descriptions and look for an insight into the company to click through the Internet.

Which target group is a recruiting video suitable for?

When looking for new talents for your company, the video format is a promising feature. And it makes no difference exactly which target group you want to address. For recruiting videos, there are no particular limitations.

However, every target group has, of course, their very own requirements. You should analyze them comprehensively before starting the recruiting campaign and adapt your video accordingly. This is because, for example, it is completely different for talents who come from management level and may even have an academic background.

How much should a recruiting video cost?

Not too long ago, employer branding was mainly operated by large companies with the help of videos. After all, they had enough budget to provide agencies with the preparation of Recruiting videos to commission. Unlike today, actors were hired back then to attract talent. The technology was also of significantly higher quality, which also affected the costs of video recruiting. This quickly resulted in sums in the five to six-digit range.

Fortunately, things are different today. In the age of smartphones, even small and medium-sized companies can Produce recruiting videos. In general, the technology has become somewhat cheaper today. For this reason, a mediocre SLR camera is now owned by almost every smaller company.

However, it is not only technology that is a cost in the production of recruiting videos. Concept development also plays a role in terms of finances. In addition, don't forget your post-production video. And licenses must also be considered and paid for. This is the case, for example, when you include music in your recruiting video. You should therefore definitely calculate a budget of 3000 to 6000 euros.

StoryBox makes recruiting easier for you

If you benefit from the advantages of video recruiting but don't want to invest too much time and money in producing videos, you can also use a Recruiting video tool. With the StoryBox app, for example, you can easily and intuitively create videos for your recruiting use. Because of the easy-to-understand tutorials, you can use this tool even without previous knowledge and above all — get started right away.

The special thing about StoryBox is that you can use it for recording your videos, create templates, which include your company's logo, fonts, and colors.

StoryBox white paper

“More talent with HR videos” 

In our white paper, we have put together many helpful tips and measures to help you win with video communication in the “War for Talents.” 

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As you can see, the video format is not only popular on social media but is also an important tool in employee recruiting. It is suitable for every target group and has many different benefits. This includes employer branding. With the help of video recycling, you can successfully set up and expand it.

For creating videos for recruiting in your company, you can of course work with a professional agency. However, then also the costs are correspondingly high. It is quicker and easier to record recruiting video  by yourself. The StoryBox app can be of great help to you here. With it, you can quickly and easily create videos for your digital recruiting and recruit new talents as part of the candidate experience providing a good first impression.

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