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35% more applications thanks to video — this success figure already answers the initial question on this topic. But let's take a few steps back: Due to the pandemic, companies worldwide have forcibly switched to video calls for talent acquisition in recent years, and the most successful ones have retained them. However, they not only use videos for job interviews with candidates but also use the video medium to learn more about the application. This is how they use the synthesis of expression and technology.

In this case, part of the successful HR strategy is its use throughout the application process. Both the company and the candidates rely on video messages in various process steps — for example as a replacement for an active sourcing message or a cover letter. In job postings or job advertisements, companies call for interested talents to briefly introduce themselves via video. Ideally, you should provide a few questions that every applicant should answer.

When does it make sense to use video advertising?

From company side

→ to present yourself to the candidate via video message

→ to maintain contact

→ to build more loyalty

→ to deliver information personally

From applicant side

→ to get to know the candidate via a specially recorded video message

→ to expand traditional CVs through personality

→ to get a feel for the character 

→ to learn more about communication skills and technical skills

The benefits

⭐ Video application makes your entire application process faster, leaner, and more modern. A short video message is received more quickly than an (artificially formulated or even copied) cover letter, which then often has little significance.

📱 The use of smartphones for video recording makes it digital and mobile — which is particularly appealing to younger generations and digital nomads

💬 You can use the video to directly assess the candidate's sociability and expressiveness as well as the personality — particularly worthwhile for vacant positions in sales, marketing, or customer service

🤝 Every HR employee involved and the (entire) responsible team can watch the videos asynchronously and make an informed decision. Standard video calls or on-site calls do not allow this. The video thus ensures seamless internal communication about your employee search.

📄 With video, you get up to 50% more responses to inquiries in Active Sourcing and up to 35% more responses in the form of applications in your recruiting.

↘️ Video reduces your time-to-hire (by up to 60%) You can also complete the application process faster and without barriers if a candidate is not a good fit. 

contact us and we'll show you practical video examples of your HR concept with video!


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