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You know the feeling: You're sitting in a movie theater, the film's credits roll across the screen and you can't help but wonder how they created these breathtaking scenes. Customers have the same questions when they hold a product that convinces them. How was it done? What stories and faces are behind it? This is exactly where behind-the-scenes videos for products come into play.

The secret of connection

Something is fascinating, almost magical, about looking behind the scenes of a production. In doing so, customers not only get to know the product but also develop a feel for the company, its culture, and the working atmosphere. The result is a feeling of closeness, the viewer is virtually invited into the corporate world. It is this curiosity and emotional connection that makes behind-the-scenes videos so irresistible.

What is the best way to shoot behind-the-scenes videos?

Shooting a behind-the-scenes video requires more than just pulling out a camera and filming in the background. It starts with planning: 

What do you want to show the viewer and what feeling do you want to convey? 

❔ Should the technical process of product planning and manufacturing be in the foreground?

❔ Would you like to tell the development story of a special project?

❔ Should important personalities in the company be presented? 

Behind-the-scenes videos can be used for a variety of scenarios! In addition to product management, for example in recruiting, by giving an insight into the company premises and the working environment via video.

Authenticity is the key here. The recordings should be real and unsophisticated work to gain the trust of the viewer. It can be helpful to interview employees or stakeholders to capture personal stories and perspectives. Remember to capture moments of laughter, challenge, and triumph to create emotional depth.

Good lighting and sound quality are just as important to look professional and to convey the message. In addition, the video should be well cut and edited to only show the essential and most interesting parts. However, you need No unnecessarily expensive equipment! A successful behind-the-scenes video is a harmonious interplay of planning, technology, and real human interaction.

The benefits of behind-the-scenes videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are not only exciting insights into the process of creating a product; they are also powerful marketing tools. They create an emotional connection with the customer by showing the human side of a company or brand. This authentic presentation builds trust and credibility. In addition, the recordings satisfy the viewer's curiosity and provide him with valuable information, which often leads him to more identify with the product or brand. In short, behind-the-scenes videos are not only entertaining but can also significantly increase brand loyalty and customer or applicant engagement.

Conclusion: Using the magic of the unknown for yourself

Behind-the-scenes videos are a powerful medium that bridges users and product beats authentically. you reveal the secret around the heart of a product, project, or company and invite viewers to be part of that journey. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, they offer a rare opportunity to feel human and genuine.

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