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Faster than writing: video message in internal communication

I'm sure you too have had to discuss a topic with your colleagues via email that in direct conversation would probably have been clarified much more quickly. Especially when it comes to voting and approvals, it can often take some time until a decision has finally found its way to the executive branch. You can avoid this by using the Video Message integrated into your company's internal communication. In our article, we'll tell you how it works and what benefits you can benefit from.

That is why videos are also becoming increasingly popular in companies

The video format is becoming increasingly popular day by day — and not just in the private sector. Companies are also now relying on the video and incorporating it into their recruiting and onboarding, among other things, to drive talent acquisition and Candidate Experience to positively influence. However, the video message can do much more than that. 

With a video message, you can also expand internal communication in the company and work even more efficiently in this way. The long, cumbersome email is therefore passed. Instead, you can exchange ideas with your colleagues via video and thus significantly shorter courses of action go.

The special feature of a video is that it is consumed quickly and conveniently. Unlike a complicated email, watching a video isn't usually as exhausting. In addition, you can impart a relatively large amount of knowledge in a short period. For this reason, it often makes sense to click on the write an email to refrain and instead with the help of a video message process knowledge or even provide feedback.

In particular, the asynchronous aspect plays an important role here. With the video format, you can not only Onboarding process, but also provide your employees with knowledge as part of continuing education that they can access at any time and anywhere. With that, you can mutually add value, which benefits your company in the long term.

In these areas, video messages advance your internal communication

Are you interested in Video Messages to establish yourself in your company but don't know how to use them? We'll show you three major areas where writing emails is outdated and only eats up valuable time. Die Video message Instead, gets you and your colleagues to your goals faster and even strengthens the group feeling in the process.

1. Facilitate technical support

Especially in large companies, it often happens that here and there technical issues must occur and support must be notified. This is usually done classically by telephone or in the form of an email with attached screenshots, which should represent the respective problem. However, the technician is not always able to help immediately. In most cases, further information is missing, but this only emerges in the course of the conversation, which is about lots of emails sent back and forth taking place.

On the other hand, it's faster if you do a short video record and show and describe what is currently not working. In another video, technical support can then give you Suggested solutions and instructions Tell me how you can repair the defect yourself or how you should proceed.

2. Record meetings and meetings

In addition to the service-oriented component, you can use the Video Message also use in meetings. As a rule, they are recorded to know at a later date exactly which points were discussed and what the goal of the discussion was.

However, not every single piece of information from a meeting is often recorded in minutes. And also non-verbal communication is difficult to record in a written record. If a meeting was recorded, however, even those who missed the appointment can watch the video afterward. For this reason, it is an advantage to record meetings and also customer conversations — but with the proviso that all parties involved have consent given. This should always be recorded in writing so that there can be no discrepancies afterward.

3. Videos as short reports

An equally beneficial use of videos in internal communication is the short report, which is published in a video message. Employees who have attended a conference or workshop on behalf of the company, for example, can illustrate the most important points in the video message and thus pass them on to colleagues without a long time to write an email to have to.

You can also prepare annual reports, analyses, or reports with the help of a video message to get closer to employees much better and faster. With a good video tool, these short reports won't lose quality and professionalism. Your colleagues can decide for themselves when they have time to watch the video.

The video message tool for your internal communication

In fast-paced daily business, there is usually no time to read long emails. For this reason, it is an advantage if you use the Video Message to establish it in your company and integrate it into internal communication. For this to work, you need a good video tool, which can be easily used by all employees — regardless of their level of technical knowledge. A good choice here is StoryBox App. It helps you create high-quality videos intuitively without having to have any previous knowledge.

Easy-to-understand tutorials guide you through the StoryBox video tool and even help you create templates as part of your company's CI. For that, you can save logos and fonts, so that all your employees have to do is select the prepared templates and get started.

For detailed info on the app: Book a demo. The experts will then discuss with you how you can best integrate StoryBox into your internal corporate communications to benefit from the video format.


Writing emails was yesterday and the video message is part of tomorrow's communication. If you too want to communicate more efficiently with your colleagues within your company, you should click on the video format Set. It not only saves time but also allows you to impart knowledge much more easily and effectively.

In addition, video messages can be asynchronous and can be consumed at any time and anywhere. Not only employees benefit from this, but also the company itself. Especially when it comes to knowledge transfer works, because it is always possible to show a video that has already been created again without having to invest time and work in explaining it again. A win-win situation, particularly with Onboarding and continuing education Occurs.

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