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Combine qualities and create videos collaboratively

Are you looking for fresh talent for your company or have you probably just recruited new candidates? Then you should set it to the video format. This not only gives you significant advantages in recruiting or onboarding but also in other areas of internal and external communication of your company.

Generation Y in particular comes into contact with moving images daily in the private sector. The video is now even on social media an essential part of distributing content. Marketing experts have also recognized this. As many as 51 percent of marketers worldwide confirm that video is the number 1 content type.

For this reason, you too should rely on this format, and for your company to shoot videos to optimize onboarding, attract talent, or simply replace lengthy mailings with personal video messages. However, as is often the case, it is an advantage if not all ideas come from just one pen, but if the production of the videos is worked on as a team. That is in times of Home Office and mobile working, however, not that easy. Don´t you think? We'll tell you how you can easily and collaboratively shoot videos and why good teamwork is so important.

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What is collaborative work?

I'm sure you've worked in a team on a project in which everyone had their very special task in mind. All team members have worked virtually side by side to achieve a common goal in the end. It's different when it comes to collaborative work.

Collaborate collaboratively: This means that the team not only pursues a common goal but also works simultaneously and consistently on all subtasks. This could be, for example, a presentation or even shooting a video. This is not only possible at the conference table, but also virtually with the help of appropriate tools, which all team members can access and edit the files accordingly.

These are the benefits of collaborative work

Would you like collaborative work established in your company? Then you can benefit from various benefits. For example, you and your team save a lot of time when everyone is working on a joint project at the same time. Ideas and feedback can do a lot and be replaced more quickly and corrections are made. Lengthy correction loops can thus be avoided.

If a team works together on a task at the same time, this not only saves time but also promotes internal communication. Through continuous exchange, each individual has the opportunity to develop their communication skills, which is a holistic advantage for the company. In addition, as a result of the lively exchange, the strengthened team spirit and thus promoted affiliation with the employer.

Probably the biggest advantage of collaborative work is innovation. When five different employees sit at a table and brood about a project, there are usually also five different ways of thinking. This is why teamwork often results in completely new approaches and ideas, which you would probably never have thought of alone.

This is how you can create videos collaboratively

You can't just apply the benefits of collaborative work to creating presentations or written work. They can also be used on the Video production transferred. For this reason, it is recommended to shoot videos as a team for onboarding, recruiting, or other marketing measures.

Although mobile work: In today's world, however, it is written more and more, that Collaborate doesn't necessarily make it more complicated. After all, with the right technical equipment, you can work from home and your colleague's remote collaborative support — including Rotate video. We'll explain to you how it works below.

1. Shoot videos from anywhere

Even though you may just working from home abroad If your company is located or has a branch in another city, you and your team can Shoot videos. In return, each individual can record a sequence regardless of their location, which is later incorporated into the overall concept.

2. Assigning individual scenes

Have you recorded your sequence? You can then assign another scene to selected colleagues. If you have a good collaborative tool, you can even add notes to the individual scenes and leave instructions for your team members.

3. Notify via push notification

So collaborative work also really saves time if you don't have to wait unnecessarily long for further editing of the video. It is therefore an advantage if you can quickly and easily inform your team about news. That works, for example by email or via push notifications.

4. Collaborative work in real-time

The special feature of collaborative work is the speed with which documents and video files can be edited. While your team member is finishing a scene, you can view the change in real-time and react immediately without wasting time.

5. Release and share scenes

So that your colleagues can view and edit your video sequences in real-time, you must first share and share with your team. A good video tool makes this possible and therefore has a positive influence on project work in your company.

With StoryBox, you can shoot videos collaboratively

Would you like to produce videos to achieve a positive effect in recruiting or onboarding? Then you should think about using collaborative teamwork. This has various advantages, which are also true for Rotate videos are noticeable. To exploit them, a video tool like StoryBox is necessary. StoryBox not only enables you to produce videos intuitively but also combines all the features of a collaborative tool mentioned above. 

In addition, with StoryBox, you can create templates that your team members can use for their video sequences to stay within your company's CI. This also expands employer branding and promotes a sense of belonging to the employer.

Are you interested and would like detailed info about the StoryBox App? Then you book a demo and discuss with our experts how you can ideally use StoryBox in your company.

StoryBox Loop is the SaaS solution for creating and sharing collaborative corporate videos quickly, easily, and independently of time and place. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces.


When it comes to working on projects as a team, collaborative work has some benefits. In addition to significant time savings, and the expanding of communication skills of your employees the main advantage of several people working on the same project is to have a significantly larger pool of approaches and ideas when. This is also the case when producing videos.

To make collaborative work possible in this area as well, a powerful tool is required. It should have various features that allow you to in real-time be informed about news via push notifications, and record and share sequences. This is how you ensure that all qualities are combined in your team and high-quality videos are produced for your company's marketing measures.


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