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Stand out in the highly competitive candidate market

Anyone who thinks that only job seekers are fighting for the ideal job is mistaken. Because the other way around, when recruiting for the best talent in the industry Is persuasion and uniqueness necessary

Unfortunately, it is not only applicants who tend to save alleged time and copy their resume for every application. Companies also make the mistake of using the same meaningless and uncreative job ad texts for their jobs online. uniqueness? Not in sight. The result: It often takes a lot of time until the right applicant is found, which means cash. Because good employees, especially professionals, are few and far between. You must therefore Target accordingly Will and attach great importance to a positive candidate experience when looking for a job. Not a good start, therefore, with thousands of online tenders in a similar tone and with the same, superficial content.

Videos as a charming door opener in recruiting

What appeals to qualified applicants when it comes to job advertisements? In addition to matching their skill profile, job description, and salary expectations with their wishes and education, job seekers react positively to a suitable approach, exciting benefits, or even the personal touch of an ad. Even before the first contact, employers should therefore stand out to Skillfully address talents with their recruiting measures and to be remembered. Video content in the ad serves as an effective door opener to potential new employees. Therefore, they should be Part of digital recruiting and should be modern applicant management.

With StoryBox, you can make it possible for every department, and especially your HR team, a nutshell professional videos record and upload with the associated job ad. The recruiting videos are ideally adapted to the respective vacant position and include more than just empty phrases such as “we offer a modern workplace.”

More than just an ad — a feeling, a face

With video content, you can achieve clear advantages in your digital job advertisements:
  • Show the potential workplace, the premises, and relevant teams. Applicants will then know immediately whether they see themselves there in the future.
  • You post your ad in its entirety more human, approachable, and emotional. With spoken language, facial expressions, and gestures, you transmit much more than with texts. The applicant then connects with you more than just an online job ad — they connect with you with a face and a feeling.
  • With videos, you gain a deeper insight into your company and the working environment, beyond phrases such as “flat hierarchies” or the like.
  • Extend the expressiveness of your ad. You show or prove what you are performing. Example: modern workplace → Workplace equipment such as the new laptop, ergonomic chair, etc., is shown 
  • You set charismatic Employees as brand ambassadors. This leads to more company loyalty internally in the long term.

In short: You're taking your recruiting strategy to a new level and reaching the right talent who feel directly addressed and connected to you!

Personalizing a job ad: emotions, insights & uniqueness

There should be modern videos in your job advertisements in the future. Great! But that is not the end of it. Make sure that everyone Applicants addressed directly feels. How? Through agile recruiting using personalized content for each job.

To do this, create your ad as usual with all necessary text modules for the job description, skill profile, etc. Add a video that represents your company, the corresponding team, the tasks, the working environment, etc.

Personalized content from your recruiting video:

  • Show the future workstation and the peers. To do this, choose likable, authentic individuals who will be remembered.
  • Go to the Benefits and Uniqueness one of your company. Why should the applicant choose you?
  • Give an insight into the specific working day: What does the working environment look like? What tone prevails between colleagues? How is the day organized?
  • Go to the Benefits of your location a: What travel options, restaurants, after-work meetings, etc. are there? What makes your city stand out?

Avoid using meaningless phrases or memorized text in your video. Instead, opt for a relaxed appearance and formulated, emotionally appealing statements that are presented by an authentic and charming employee or employee.

More than just applicant videos: The videos created with StoryBox are not only used for recruiting on a proven online platform or your website. Also, use the summaries to promote your company and vacant positions on your social media channels. And reach out to even more potential talents and win them over for yourself!

Want a sample video?

StoryBox white paper

“More talent with HR videos”

In our white paper, we have put together many helpful tips and measures to help you get on the winning side with video communication in the “War for Talents.”

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