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Modern video documentation of know-how

When the word “documentation” is used, every employee probably thinks of a different scenario. One combines this with the step-by-step documentation of a process, the other a kind of collection of solutions for problems. For a third party, documentation includes everything Expertise on a specific topic.

In every industry and every agile, modern team without exception, documentation one An important part of corporate governance. They are an element of internal and external communication, as they are intended to collect and transfer knowledge. Not only do different parties benefit from knowledge documentation in-house. Certain collections of knowledge are also useful outside. One example of this is operating instructions or warnings for end customers. In Germany, there are certain documents Even mandatory due to legislation.

Videos as a tool for collecting knowledge

User-friendly documentation consists not only of text. You include agile elements such as illustrations, animations, and even video sequences. These help to improve communication, as content can be conveyed more understandably. 

With the StoryBox app, you can cover the following use cases in your know-how documentation:

Modernize extensive technical documentation

Technical documentation is also known as product documentation. They contain all product-specific information, such as instructions, warnings, and the like. A distinction is made between internal and external documentation. 

Internal technical documentation: design drawings, test reports, etc.

External technical documentation: operating instructions, installation or warning instructions, etc.

Technical documentation contributes to the safe handling of a product and its life cycle. It also reduces the manufacturer's liability risk and ensures necessary usability. Traditional documentation is often in need of improvement, particularly when it comes to usability. Everyone knows it: You sit in front of pages of the instruction manual and spend more time deciphering it instead of getting the product up and running. The user then often decides to try their luck without instructions, which often leads to defects or accidents.

This is how video communication with StoryBox helps: With video communication as part of your technical documentation, you can improve the internal and external process of collecting know-how and expand the range of documentation with digital information. Make information more clear and better absorbed. When it comes to small-scale devices, complicated processes, or extensive installations, point out details not only in writing but also visually. Add videos to any illustrations or animations. The clear advantage: Show what you're talking about in the video and avoid so dry page-long technical transcripts.

Guarantee protection and transfer of (specialist) knowledge

Knowledge is power, which is why know-how is the most important asset in a company. When employees leave the company, change departments, or simply go on vacation, protect and share their knowledge and, above all, their expertise essential for smooth, productive daily business. The loss of (specialist) knowledge can result in financial losses, for example, because your other employees have to invest valuable resources in finding answers, repairs, or adjustments.

This is how video communication with StoryBox helps: Use the StoryBox video app for seamless knowledge management to costly knowledge silos or breaking away knowledge prevent. Allow your employees to record short video messages that can be accessed asynchronously and remotely by the entire team. The transfer of knowledge and communication between your employees thus meets today's standards in successful and agile companies. By storing in the cloud, your teams can access the data anytime, anywhere, and you secure an extensive knowledge base within your organization.

Set up process documentation to save time

Are you able to explain every process of your daily business in detail? Probably not, because implicit knowledge (internalized skills) is widely used in companies, especially when employees have been with the company for a long time. But that is precisely why process documentation is so important to capture implicit knowledge to enable the transfer of knowledge and to improve internal company communication. The documentation of lengthy processes should be quick, simple, and easy to understand, which is unfortunately only rarely the case with conventional text documents. 

How video communication with StoryBox helps: Save time with video content when creating your process documentation. In addition, not every employee receives individual instructions on your processes, but all can Watch the video asynchronously and remotely. If changes are also made to a process, you can use a video sequence in the corresponding documentation to improve internal communication. Even when hiring new employees, they can get into day-to-day business much faster, as they get to know and understand every process step, at any stage of their onboarding.


With StoryBox video content in your know-how documentation, you ensure that:

  • Important, comprehensive, technical documents gain agility
  • Your knowledge management is seamless and no expensive knowledge silos or failures occur in day-to-day business
  • new employees will be introduced to daily business more quickly through active transfer of knowledge
  • Employees will be faster informed about changes 

StoryBox Loop is the SaaS solution for creating and sharing collaborative corporate videos quickly, easily, and independently of time and place. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces.

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