3 benefits for managing your business through video announcements

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Video messages instead of deserted texts

Is there a fundamental change in personnel in your organization? Are you planning to introduce exciting tools, services, or techniques? Should there be relevant changes in everyday working life? Announce this development in your management announcements in an attractive way through video content!

You are probably already using management announcements in the form of emails or intranet entries in your company. These are often Announcements that are important for every employee or even essential for a regulated workflow. This is the case, for example, when important management positions are filled or additional occupational safety rules are introduced. In this case, employees should comply with the announcement Pay attention accordingly. But we all know it: The mass of emails in the mailbox or an overcrowded intranet often makes it difficult to focus on important topics.

Attention-worthy video content

Even interested and committed employees have a fast-paced working life and must make good use of their working time. E-mails full of information or overloaded internal information platforms therefore only invite a little to read. But especially in the case of relevant management announcements, it is particularly bad if the Reading rate and also reading pleasure low is. And the time invested in writing such as regular announcements should not be underestimated either!

With videos, you achieve clear advantages for both parties, management, and employees, in conveying information.

3 benefits of video announcements in your company management

Anyone who feels informed and integrated is Ready to do more. Provide readable and interesting management announcements for more insight into what's happening in your company and therefore also for more work motivation. Write short video messages about new hires, key business figures, portfolio changes, or improvements at your location. With videos, you can actively shape the announcement and, for example, also show what you're talking about. This ensures that your Employees are part of the organization through transparent communication.


Announcements from management level: For many employees, this sounds far removed from their daily work routine. But it doesn't have to be that way! With integrated videos, which the Leaders see, do you make yourself more approachable and can communicate your appreciation accordingly? Manufacturing is particularly important in large companies or companies with many locations personal connections are often a challenge. But with video messages, the management level is not only getting closer to the entire company but The narration is given a face and a voice, looks more human and approachable!


An announcement is often Spoken faster than written. That's why you also rely on the spoken word in video sequences for messages from your management level. At the same time, video content also benefits the recipient. Because watching a video is often faster than reading an email, and is also easier to understand. With videos, you also benefit from the advantages of asynchronous communication: Employees can access your messages at any time.

Conclusion: Take your management to a new level with StoryBox

When it comes to management announcements, rely on modern video messages instead of wasted texts and thus ensure greater transparency, approachability, and speed. Successful announcements including video content require a modern tool that Makes it easy to record announcements in video format. With StoryBox, we provide you with such a system. With our video app, you can Record video messages quickly and easily in the future and spread them throughout your company. Numerous templates, an intuitive user interface, and easy processing of your video recordings will help you produce management messages even faster in the future and make them more readable!

We would be happy to show you in a demo The StoryBox app for your use cases in detail.


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