2024 outlook for recruiting: New paths in employer branding & HR marketing

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Are you working in recruiting or human resources and are wondering how recruiting will develop in 2024?

The world of HR and recruiting is subject to constant change and it is exciting to see how the landscape is constantly adapting — particularly due to demographic change and uncertainty due to future crises.

As a software developer for a video app with a focus on HR and recruiting, we are right in the middle of the action. In this article, we therefore take a look at the future of recruiting in 2024, particularly about employer branding and HR marketing.

The change in recruiting

Before we dive into the details, it's important to understand why recruiting is changing in the first place. The world of work is changing rapidly and the demands placed on companies and applicants are becoming ever more diverse. With the Emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and changing work culture and candidate experience, Companies must adapt their recruiting strategies to remain competitive. In the past, people spoke of an “employer market,” today of an “employee market,” because skilled workers are scarce in many areas.

Employer branding: The key component of recruiting in 2024

Employer branding will play a decisive role in recruiting in 2024. It influences a company's reputation as an employer and the perception that potential applicants have of the brand. A strong employer brand therefore not only attracts talented candidates but also promotes long-term employee loyalty and contributes to a company's success story.

  1. Personalization in recruiting

2024 will be the year in which personalization will have a big impact on recruiting. HR professionals are already noticing the trend this year, which is why they are increasingly focusing on a personalized approach to candidates Set. No impersonal messages are sent, but the company's employees send a video message to suitable candidates. 

Companies will increasingly have to pay attention to adapting their messages and offers to the individual needs and expectations of their target groups. This also means that the HR departments work more closely with marketing teams to develop tailor-made content and speeches — for example through candidate personas, employee interviews and presentations, and Behind-the-scenes.

However, personalization does not only extend to addressing applicants but also to designing the application process itself. Companies will need to find innovative ways to provide applicants with a personalized and seamless experience. 

  1. The power of employee voices

This marks the transition to the second change in 2024. One of the strongest components of employer branding will be the authentic voice of your employees. In 2024, companies will increasingly rely on employees to present and strengthen their employer brand. This also includes introducing a feedback culture that allows employees to participate and make more changes. Die Employees thus become strong brand ambassadors who share their positive experiences in the company and convince potential applicants. It is expected that companies will increasingly use platforms where employees can share reviews and insights. The same applies to the company's online presence, such as on LinkedIn, which is achieved by using video recordings can be achieved. These authentic insights will help to strengthen potential applicants' trust in the company and reduce the hurdles of the application processes.

Generational shift: HR marketing in 2024

HR marketing, marketing for your HR department, will become more important in 2024. It is the key to attracting talented candidates and positioning the company as an attractive employer. In the future, a special role will be played by GenZ, which in particular the Influenced communication channels in recruiting.

1. The importance of content marketing

Content marketing is also becoming increasingly important in HR. Companies will increasingly create high-quality and, above all, target group-oriented content to present their culture in addition to their expertise. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, and webinars are used to inform and inspire potential applicants and give them a sense of togetherness. The key to success in content marketing will be to provide relevant and informative content that Satisfies the needs of the target group and addresses them emotionally. This content should therefore not only provide information but also provide insight into corporate culture and values. Ideally through authentic employee voices. This creates more connections between people and companies.

With a view to the new generation entering the working world, it is also important in the future that, in marketing, the viewpoint from companies is taken on specific, socially relevant topics. These include topics such as environmental protection and diversity. This placement is often decisive for applicants when choosing a new employer.

2. Artificial intelligence and candidate experience in recruiting

The use of artificial intelligence in HR marketing will continue to increase in 2024. For scalability, it is becoming increasingly important that Recruiting less administratively intensive is. AI-based tools will therefore help make the application process more efficient and user-friendly. This is also accompanied by the digitization of recruiting processes. From chatbots that answer frequently asked questions to algorithms that identify suitable candidate profiles, AI will play a central role. These aids also contribute to a positive candidate experience.


The year 2024 will undoubtedly be exciting for recruiting. Companies will invest more in employer branding and HR marketing to compete for the best talent. Personalization, employee voices, and innovative HR marketing strategies will be the key components that make the difference.

To be successful in this constantly changing world of work, it is crucial To be flexible and to adapt to the needs and expectations of applicants. The year 2024 promises new opportunities and challenges, but with the right strategy and a strong focus on employer branding and HR marketing, companies can continue to attract the best talent and be successful.


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