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In our latest webinar on “Mastering Applicant Communication with Video,” we were supported by recruiting expert Sarah Böning. We answer the question of how to optimize the time between receipt of applications and hiring with the help of videos. How? By showing you practical examples!

To do this, we explain the term “candidate journey” — how an interested party becomes an applicant and finally an employee. From experience, Sarah and Ben explain that in the actual application phase, the hard-earned image through recruiting videos with a view to emotions and authenticity is often not lived out in companies. Companies often stick to the usual processes here and differentiate little in terms of text, for example. In addition, according to Sarah, it is not to be despised how the third phase of the candidate journey, after the application, can have a positive effect on recruiting success. Whoever sends well-articulated rejections and invites suitable candidates to join the talent pool despite rejection has won more. In the course of this, Ben and Sarah also analyze statistics on the topic of “What can go wrong in the candidate journey,” and Sarah, in contrast, shows what candidates want.

In the webinar, we then provide exciting, personalized, and, above all, successful video examples of applicant communication for different phases of the journey. ⭐

Click here for an exclusive webinar recording to get all the insights with Sarah and Ben.

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