The perfect corporate video in 15 minutes — efficient and effective

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The perfect corporate video in 15 minutes — efficient and effective 

Why video production is important in a corporate context 

In our increasingly digitalized world, videos play a decisive role in corporate communication. They offer an immediate and appealing way to communicate complex information understandably and entertainingly. Studies show that employees and customers often prefer video content because it is easier to digest and more emotionally appealing than pure text or static images. Videos encourage engagement and can convey complex messages simply and appealingly. They are a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, presenting products, and making training more effective. 

Benefits of corporate videos 

  1. Increased attention and engagement: Videos are visually appealing and attract viewers' attention faster than text. 
  2. Better comprehensibility: Complex information can be conveyed more easily through visual explanations and animations. 
  3. Emotional address: Videos can better convey emotions and thus establish a stronger connection with the target group. 
  4. Versatility: They can be used for various purposes, including marketing, training, internal communications, and customer service. 
  5. SEO benefits: Videos improve visibility on search engines because platforms like Google favor video content. 

Basics for creating corporate videos quickly 

Preparation is everything 

Before you turn on the camera, you should have a clear idea of what you want to convey. A short, targeted agenda helps to get your message straight to the point. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Objective: What is the purpose of the video? Would you like to inform, train, motivate, or sell? 
  • Target group: Who should be addressed? Understand the needs and interests of your target audience. 
  • Key messages: What information must be conveyed? Define clear and concise messages. 


A clear goal is key to measuring the success of your video. Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate customer inquiries, or improve internal training? Each of these objectives requires a different approach and different content. 

Target group 

Who is your target group? Are they potential customers, existing customers, employees, or business partners? The approach and content must be tailored to the specific needs and interests of these groups. For example, customers might prefer inspiring and informative videos, while employees might prefer training videos and updates. 

Key messages 

What is the most important information that you want to convey? These could be product benefits, company values, or specific instructions. The messages should be written clearly and concisely to keep viewers' attention. 

Basic technical equipment 

You don't need high-end equipment for a high-quality video. A good smartphone and a stable Internet connection are often enough. It is important to have a quiet environment to minimize noise. 

Camera and microphone 

  • Smartphone camera: Modern smartphones have high-quality cameras that are sufficient for most corporate videos. 
  • External microphone: A good microphone significantly improves audio quality. External Lavalier microphones or USB microphones are cost-effective options. 


  • Natural lighting: Use natural light whenever possible. Position yourself in front of a window to benefit from consistent daylight. 
  • Artificial lighting: Ring lights or softboxes provide uniform lighting and reduce shadows. 


  • Tripod: A simple tripod prevents blurry shots and allows the camera to move smoothly. 

Preparing the filming location 

The environment in which you shoot your video plays an important role in the quality of the end product. Here are a few tips on how to optimally prepare your filming location: 

  • Background: Choose a clean, neutral background that doesn't distract from your message. 
  • Background noise: Make sure that the recording location is quiet and that there is no annoying background noise. 
  • Room design: Make sure the room is well-lit and has enough space for your equipment. 

A step-by-step guide to creating a video in 15 minutes 

Concept and script 

Keep your script concise and to the point. Use simple language and avoid technical jargon where possible. A well-thought-out concept saves time and ensures clarity during recording. 

  1. Set a topic: Decide on the main theme of your video. 
  2. Write a script: Write a short script or outline that includes the main points and the order of the content. 
  3. Speech exercises: Practice the script aloud to speak fluently and naturally. 

Example of a script for a corporate video: 


  • Welcome and presentation 
  • A brief introduction to the topic of the video 

Main part: 

  • Explanation of the topic in three to five main points 
  • Examples and visual aids to illustrate 


  • Summary of key points 
  • Call to action 
  • Goodbye and thanks for watching 

Recording and quick editing 

Choose a bright, quiet location and position your camera securely. Make sure the main light is in front of you and not behind you to avoid backlighting. 

  1. Camera position: Set the camera at eye level to create a natural perspective. 
  2. Soundcheck: Check the sound before you start to make sure there aren't any background noises. 
  3. Start recording: Start recording and stay relaxed. Take breaks to make cutting easier later. 

StoryBox is particularly helpful in this step, as it offers easy-to-use video templates that allow you to create CI-compliant, authentic videos quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the ready-made templates and the ease of use, a professional video can be created even without in-depth technical knowledge. 

Tips for a professional recording: 

  • Eye contact: Look directly at the camera to connect with the viewer. 
  • Body language: Use open and positive body language. Avoid appearing nervous or stiff. 
  • Way of speaking: Speak clearly and vary your pace and pitch to keep the viewer interested. 

Quick processing 

Use simple editing programs that allow you to trim clips and add text overlays. Programs like Adobe Premiere Rush or Camtasia are easy to use and offer enough features to get you started. 

  1. Trim clips: Cut out unnecessary parts and pauses to keep the video crisp and to the point. 
  2. Add text overlays: Use text overlays to emphasize key points and provide additional information. 
  3. Insert transitions: Add simple transitions between clips to ensure a smooth process. 

StoryBox integrates these editing features directly into the tool, making it ideal for fast and efficient video production. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and ready-made templates, you can complete the editing within a few minutes and immediately achieve a professional result. 

Editing tools in detail: 

  • Adobe Premiere Rush: Perfect for beginners. It offers intuitive editing tools, text overlay templates, and easy export options. 
  • Camtasia: An easy-to-use tool that's great for both recording and editing videos. It offers numerous features for creating screen recordings and tutorials. 

GDPR compliance made it easy 

To be compliant with GDPR, you need to ensure that everyone who is in the video has given their consent, especially if the video is made publicly available. Here are a few easy steps to comply: 

Obtain consents 

Make sure that all people filmed give written consent to the use of their images. Use standardized forms to make the process easier. 

StoryBox supports this process with integrated features for managing consent and data protection. This makes it easier to comply with GDPR guidelines and ensures that all legal requirements are met. 

Example of a declaration of consent: 

Declaration of consent to the use of image and video recordings 

I, [name of person], hereby grant [name of company] permission to take pictures and video recordings of myself and to use them as part of corporate communication. This includes publishing on the company website, social media, and internal communication channels. 

Date: __________ Signature: __________ 

Protect data 

Avoid showing or mentioning personal information unnecessarily. Make sure that no sensitive information is visible in the background. 

Observe privacy policies 

Check out the latest privacy policies and make sure your video complies with them. Consult a data protection officer if necessary. 

Steps to comply with privacy policies: 

  • Raising awareness: Create awareness of privacy regulations within your team. 
  • documentation: Record all processes and approvals in writing. 
  • training: Conduct regular data protection training to ensure that all employees understand and comply with the guidelines. 

StoryBox offers built-in privacy features that ensure that all videos comply with GDPR guidelines. This includes managing consent and being able to anonymize or remove personal information. 

Internal communication and maximum video visibility 

To ensure that your video gets seen, you should have a clear strategy for internal distribution. Email, intranet, and corporate apps are great channels for effectively sharing your video. 

Dissemination strategies 

  1. email: Send an email to all relevant employees or customers with a link to the video. 
  2. Intranet: Make the video available on the company intranet so that all employees can easily access it. 
  3. Enterprise apps: Use corporate apps or collaboration platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams to share the video. 

Promotion tips 

  1. Create a teaser: Create short teaser videos or trailers to spark interest and promote the full video. 
  2. Use social media: Share the video on your company's social media channels to increase reach. 
  3. Follow-up measures: Plan follow-up activities, such as surveys or discussions, to collect feedback and drive engagement. 

StoryBox makes it easy to communicate and distribute your videos internally by providing seamless integrations with email and collaboration platforms. This allows you to ensure that your videos achieve maximum visibility within the company. 

Example of an email template for video distribution: 

Subject: [New video] Watch our latest corporate video! 

Hi everyone, 

We are happy to present you with our latest video! In this video, you'll learn more about [video topic] and how it enriches our work. Just click on the following link to watch the video: 

[link to video] 

We're looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the video as much as we do. 

Regards, [your name] [your position] 

StoryBox is an effective solution for corporate videos 

At the end of your video production, StoryBox could be a valuable resource. It is a tool that enables fast, CI-compliant video productions and that can be used without in-depth technical knowledge. You can find out more about StoryBox and its features here. 

Features of StoryBox 

  1. templates: Use a variety of templates to create professional videos. 
  2. Ease of use: Simple user interface that is easy to handle even by less tech-savvy users. 
  3. CI compliance: Make sure that all videos comply with corporate identity guidelines. 
  4. integration: Seamless integration with social media platforms and internal communication channels. 

Benefits of using StoryBox 

  1. Time savings: Reduce video production costs significantly. 
  2. Cost savings: Avoid the costs of external video production companies. 
  3. Consistency: Make sure that all videos look consistent and professional. 
  4. scalability: Create videos in bulk without sacrificing quality. 

StoryBox provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of video production, from recording and editing to distribution and compliance with GDPR guidelines. These built-in features make it an ideal tool for companies that want to create professional videos quickly and efficiently. 

Example of a StoryBox application 

A medium-sized company used StoryBox to create a series of training videos for new employees. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the videos could be produced and distributed throughout the company within a few days. The feedback from employees was extremely positive, particularly about the clear and professional presentation of the content. 

Conclusion and call to action 

It's your turn now! With these tips, you can create an impressive corporate video within 15 minutes that is not only cost-effective but also GDPR-compliant. Try it out and see for yourself how easy and effective video creation can be. Also, use the opportunity to explore StoryBox for your future projects. 

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of StoryBox and how it can help you create professional corporate videos? Then sign up for a demo of StoryBox and discover the numerous features available to you. Start today and transform the way your business communicates! 

Summary and key points 

  1. Clarity and planning: Careful planning and clear objectives are the keys to a successful video. 
  2. Technical equipment: With basic equipment, such as a smartphone and an external microphone, you can create high-quality videos. 
  3. Efficient production: A well-thought-out script and a quiet recording environment are essential. 
  4. Processing and GDPR: Use user-friendly editing programs and ensure data protection compliance. 
  5. Dissemination and visibility: Plan the distribution of your videos carefully to get maximum visibility. 
  6. Story Box: Use tools like StoryBox to optimize the production process and achieve professional results. 

With these steps and tools, you can ensure that your corporate video is not only produced efficiently but is also effective and professional. Good luck making your next video! 


How many users are included in the packages?
We have no user limits on StoryBox. Pricing is per department and country. Together, we will work out individually for you what this could look like for you.
How many videos can we make?
The number of videos you produce with StoryBox is unlimited in all packages. Our most important goal is that you can use StoryBox to create good video content with high output.
We have several brands, is that possible?
You can use StoryBox with more than just one brand and therefore with multiple CIs. We will work out the pricing for this individually for you.

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