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Do you think of yourself as unphotogenic? Then you feel like many because most people don't like themselves in photos or videos. But now there are Recordings from the business sector have become an integral part of it. Videos are used everywhere, for example on websites, social media channels, or even in departments such as sales and HR. Everywhere, you want to be approachable and show transparency as to why images or videos are needed.

However, the displeasure of taking pictures is not necessarily because we like to criticize ourselves, but rather due to two psychological effects — the mere exposure effect and our brain's preference for symmetries.

The mere exposure effect & our preference for symmetries

The mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon that is intended to prove that the repeated perception of something leads to a positive assessment of that very thing. In short: Since we see ourselves most often in the mirror, Our appearance is very familiar, and make sure that we rate it as “positive.” We are therefore used to any characteristics such as birthmarks, freckles, inequalities, or the like. When we see ourselves in photos or recordings, we perceive ourselves differently. Our brain's preference for symmetries is responsible for this.

We probably see ourselves in the mirror much more often than in photos, which is why we no longer notice our asymmetries. Because our brain is programmed for the symmetries in our faces. In photos or videos, On the other hand, we see ourselves as others see us, namely mirror-inverted. For this reason, curvatures of the nose, the wrong crown, or birthmarks are visible to us elsewhere or more extremely. The face appears Not quite as symmetrical anymore and positive, as we are used to. For these reasons, we don't like recordings ourselves. However, there are a few tricks in video production to get the most out of a video.

Video recordings for business — our tips

Corporate videos look more professional when they are shot and cut with the right technology. In most cases, we can then also ignore alleged asymmetries.

A high-quality company video includes

  • a good set-up of the scenes to be recorded
  • professional, natural lighting
  • well-adjusted sound and suitable music
  • A well-prepared speaker who looks natural
  • as well as efficient editing programs

When it comes to using videos, it also plays a major role in companies where the Teams work collaboratively on the video, and the finished clip can be easily shared or uploaded.

Other factors that influence the success of a video include the facial expressions and gestures of the speaker. Here, too, you should consider a few things when recording, such as the movement of your hands, posture, gaze, and smile.

How to use StoryBox to produce video content that you (and others) like

We at StoryBox Support you during the entire recording process with our video app of your company video. The special thing: With the app, you need no further technology(!) for recording and publishing the corporate film. And despite the mere exposure effect and preference for symmetry, you can achieve a professional result that you (and others) are satisfied with.

  • In templates developed for you in the app, you will receive clear instructions for setting up your scenes.
  • Our app also contains valuable recording tips for set-up, facial expressions, and gestures. 
  • You can adjust the light of your recording with a single button. Every recording is automatically noise-free.
  • The sound of your scenes is recorded directly via your recording device (e.g. your mobile device).
  • Even without much previous knowledge, you can cut, render, and combine individual scenes into a movie in the StoryBox app.
  • The app allows you to work collaboratively as a team and share and upload the video without much effort.

Would you like to see our video app in action and test your use case? Contact us for a demo!


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