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Better candidates, high return on investment with video content

The job of a recruiter — no easy task. An overcrowded job market and highly sought-after specialists don't make it any easier. But hiring new competent employees is made more efficient by one thing: video content. We'll explain why you're using video content as opposed to emails or text messages in recruiting better results You achieve, therefore: attract motivated and talented employees, while at the same time benefiting from a good return on investment and keeping your workload low.

Recruiting from an applicant's perspective

The recruitment process: It starts with the submission of documents, which are often followed by assessment centers or the like. Only then does the first actual contact with an employee often take place? Candidates are missing When applying, therefore, often the human connection. This is hard to criticize because you want to be perceived as a person at work. It is also expected that applicants will be convincing as individual personalities and fit in with the company culture and the team. A recruiter and a company therefore want to get to know the applicant in all his facets and character plays a major role. The applicant also wants the same! He would like to get to know senior managers or even the team to Feel for the potential to develop a new employer and to be able to choose the right company.

It is therefore important to establish the desired and necessary connection between the parties involved, ideally as early as the first contact, the application. So make sure that Points of contact via video throughout your recruiting process when there is no face-to-face interaction takes place between two people — starting with the written application through to the last organizational details after a job interview. You can achieve this through professional, appealing video content. Read more about this below.

The benefits of video for your recruiting strategy

More visibility

Well-produced videos invite users online to click and share. This also applies to recruiting and is particularly necessary on cluttered job portals. According to Statista, 70% of jobs were marketed and awarded via job boards in 2021 — which means that on portals One accordingly high competition among employers prevails, particularly among market leaders in the industries. Therefore, create inviting, original video projects for open positions in HR. You can then publish them on the portal and also distribute them on other channels. This is how you ensure more Visibility of your company and the vacant position. With video content, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a transparent, modern company.

More Commitment

Applicants who get a lot of insight into your company and who with Kultur, the tasks and the people identifying can or feel connected, are automatically ready to reveal more about themselves and get involved. This applies both to the application process and to later working life in your organization.

More Credibility

The best brand ambassadors are our employees. Why do You have the appropriate persuasion and take care of the human component on the web? Let your employees talk about the position, the company, and the benefits in video sequences instead of just writing down this information. This increases your credibility and creates an emotional connection between the applicant and your company. Also, introduce the responsible recruiter to minimize the hurdle when contacting the applicant.

More decisiveness

The tide has turned on the job market. It is not necessarily the reality that applicants are fighting for a job, but the fact that companies are fighting for well-trained, motivated talent. With video content, you make the Your applicants' decisions easier, because the insight into your company and the connection to the speaker make them feel connected to you faster. And this also allows you to decide on you as an employer more quickly.

Effective content for your talent-scouting videos

You can use videos as a medium for your HR activities in a variety of ways:

  • Use videos for marketing in HR and thus ensure more visibility
  • Explicitly create videos for your open positions and include them in your job advertisements for the job portals.
  • Also, post the videos on your social media channels or your website.
  • Present the open job by explaining the area of responsibility and addressing the desired skill profile.
  • Involve teams, executives, or recruiters in the video.
  • Present your company, culture, location, and relevant benefits.
  • Show off your uniqueness!
  • Include videos in the actual recruiting process for more interaction
  • Produce short video clips to welcome applicants to your online application system and guide them.
  • Add video content to your assessment center to make it more interesting and intuitive.
  • Instead of impersonal emails, send appealing video messages to suitable candidates and invite them to an interview.
  • Send video messages as a follow-up to suitable applicants and announce the next step.

Another advantage: Use videos beyond that, for example, to onboard your new employee!

Use StoryBox when recruiting via video

With StoryBox's video app, you can establish cost-effective, in-house video production for your human resources department (and beyond). Thanks to a modern, transparent appearance, appealing video content, and the human connection to the applicant, the a High return on investment from your recruiting. You find competent employees and retain them, while at the same time reducing the working hours of your employees in HR.

StoryBox is already convincing numerous recruiters in many organizations with a variety of time-saving video templates, adapted to the industry. The app also features a user-friendly interface, and a simplified editing program for your video sequences and is GDPR-compliant. Test it yourself!


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