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Appearing at a trade fair is an intensive experience for a company of any size and in every sector. It thrives on good preparation, a concise presentation of the company or product, and networking. The use of videos attracts the undivided attention of trade fair visitors before, during, and after the trade fair and creates an interactive and unforgettable experience that goes far beyond the limits of exhibition halls Reach out. That is why we want to show how businesses can use videos in different scenarios for their trade fair.

Before: Promotion of trade fair presence via video

In the ultra-modern, digital age, promotion via video is a crucial tool for reaching a broad target group and, above all, for arousing curiosity. This applies not only to upcoming sales offers or recruiting for exciting new jobs but also particularly to the upcoming visit to the trade fair. Imagine how much more comprehensively and dynamically your company's message can be delivered through the creative use of moving images! Create a well-produced video that teases the visit and the services or events offered there to create an emotional connection between the brand and the viewer.

By integrating videos, trade fair visitors can create a complex Impression of products, services, and values and gain impressions of the company — impressions that might otherwise have been lost in the mass of exhibition stands and advertising messages. In addition, this increases promotional videos on social media and Co. the recognition value of organizations in the often very overcrowded exhibition halls. Rely on your company's CI, both in the video and at the exhibition stand, to make sure that people remember you.

Sample video from a StoryBox customer

During: Post impressions from the trade fair as a video

Recording impressions and highlights from the trade fair as a video is crucial. It offers the opportunity to capture vivid moments that reflect the essence of your brand and expand your reach beyond the exhibition hall. The visual narrative of everyday trade fair life gives your audience, who may not be present themselves, a Sense of closeness and an understanding of your products and services. Recording real experiences, interactions, and reactions also creates an authentic and personal atmosphere that appeals to potential customers or partners and builds trust. In addition invokes The posting from the trade fair to visit again interested participants on screen, for example, because you invite them directly to visit you at your stand.

Sample video from a StoryBox customer

During: Accentuate your appearance at the trade fair with a video

Designing your appearance at the trade fair with video material enables you to create a powerful and at the same time nuanced presentation of your corporate vision. A well-staged video and an unmistakable image of your company stay in mind. You can achieve this, for example, through videos at events such as lectures, panel discussions, or the like, or by using video technology at your stand.

The integration of videos during a trade fair appearance can arouse visitors' interest, inform and entertain them, and thus leave a lasting impression. 

The advantages of watching videos yourself at the trade fair are:

→ When a video is running, visitors like to stop (longer). 

→ When all stand employees are talking, the video functions as an additional means of communication.

→ As an initial contact, a video is often more hurdle-free than talking to an employee.

→ It is also possible to play videos at a small exhibition stand. Even smaller devices such as tablets are sufficient for this.

After: Wrap your trade fair presence via video

A trade fair wrap-up via video offers the brilliant opportunity to present the highlights and best moments of your trade fair appearance in a summary format. Show how well your visit to the trade fair went and maybe why Get in touch with those who missed you. Or you can give a foretaste of what is waiting for visitors at the next trade fair appearance.

A successful wrap-up video is an opportunity to once again attract attention, arouse emotions, and motivate viewers to want to learn more about your brand.

Three helpful tips

  • Even without sound/ audio, the message of your trade fair video should come across. Because the volume in the exhibition hall may drown out your video. At the same time, this has the advantage that every trade fair visitor, whether layman or professional, whether German-speaking or not, understands the message.
  • Use existing content for your visit to the trade fair or reuse it afterward to save resources and increase recognition value
  • Pay attention to the trade fair's motto to integrate the right content into your video. At a job fair, you should of course pay particular attention to recruiting or image films; at a trade fair, you can present specific product videos.

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