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Preboarding with video creates trust

Have you found a suitable candidate for a vacant position and has he or she also decided on you as a new employer? Great! Now it is Establishing a good, trusting relationship essential for successful collaboration. Companies invest a lot of resources in recruiting the most talented and suitable workers on the market. However, once the contract has been signed, the cooperation does not automatically run as smoothly as compatibility seems to promise on paper.

Regardless of whether they are interns, trainees, or specialists — employees want to be seen and heard and feel connected to the company. And that's before the first day of work! After all, termination according to a study by Softgarden almost 20 percent within the first 3 months. reason for that? One inadequate training. Sophisticated preboarding (and onboarding) with a focus on creating a human connection can strongly counteract this.

Starting a job differently: advantage for the company, trust for the employee

If there are several weeks or even often several months between signing the employment contract and starting the job, this should already be Time used productively in the interests of the company and employees. Video has already established itself as a promising medium in numerous companies and their preboarding process.

Potential contact points include signing or accepting additional forms on the subject of data protection, security, or subscription to the newsletter, but also the first login to relevant portals. Successful preboarding takes 1-4 weeks. On the administrative side, this results in a lower stress level within the company and less workload since it is the Equalizes new colleagues' hiring process. HR managers are virtually giving themselves a head start. For the new employee, on the other hand, it is a sign of confidence and promotes enthusiasm for future tasks, as you can already get an initial overview. Onboarding also removes doubts and provides answers to important questions — ideally even before they have to be asked by the employee.

Invitations to meetings, such as a joint team lunch or a team event, are also possible. This contact with the future colleague has the clear advantage that, from the very first day of joining the company, a personal connection is established and this also strengthens the bond with the company. This also increases the level of anticipation for the new team members and supervisors and helps to actively practice the corporate culture early on.

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Best practices: This is what preboarding with video looks like

Send a video message right after signing the contract

Celebrate your new addition and show in the form of a short video message how much you rely on the new employee's talent and are happy to see him join. 

A first video message could look like this:

  • The recruiter thanks you for the successful and friendly interview time and congratulates you on your new position
  • The team leader, team, and/or management welcome the employee
  • You are already testing further video messages with additional information

Important information and practical information communicate

Don't send important links for your new additions in waste of text, but film short, crisp but appealing preboarding videos in addition to the written version.

For example on the subject:

  • House rules
  • dress code
  • organization chart
  • How to get there & parking
  • Software and Hardware
  • Lunch break, restaurants, etc. 

In addition, let your new employee know what the first day or week in your company will look like before the contract starts. This relieves nervousness and clarifies uncertainties on both sides.

Boost motivation

Give insight into your cooperation and prove that corporate culture is not just a theoretical idea, but is lived out. This provides appropriate motivation on the part of employees and, based on appreciation, confirms that the employee has chosen the right employer.

For example, a video message could look like this:

  • The entire team introduces itself
  • You show the future workplace
  • You film the team having lunch or other activities together

The advantage of video

Even though written preboarding with lots of emails achieves good results, the use of video messages in the preboarding process in particular is a success booster! Since the new colleague sees a familiar face (the HR manager) and gets to know other important employees (the team, the manager), he feels reinforced in his decision. In addition, familiar faces make it much easier to get started on the first day of work. Transmitting video messages but due to facial expressions, gestures, and language more emotions than texts which also reach people better as an emotional being.


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