The main thing is authentic: video recruiting with expert Madgalena Faulmüller

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“We're not social media experts or videographers — But the main thing is that the content is authentic!

With this message, Magdalena Faulmüller, recruiting expert, convinces our webinar participants and gives exclusive insights into her company's video recruiting strategy.

In our webinar, our CEO Ben Rodrian and Magdalena Faulmüller, Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding at the Auditing Firm BDO, talk about the “old ways of recruiting” and why they are reaching their limits today. Magdalena talks about her world in auditing and how she also gets camera-shy employees excited about video recruiting. Based on internal analyses and her interviews with candidates, Magdalena also confirms that 

  • More Clicks 
  • And more answers
  • As well as a strong emotional connection

These are achieved in BDO recruiting through the use of videos. She also provides insights into BDO's strategy and explains how her recruiters use videos in daily business.

Now Click And watch exclusive sample videos from BDO!


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