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Corporate videos have become indispensable in the modern business world, whether for marketing or recruiting purposes, internal communication, or customer communication. But not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. So how can you motivate your colleagues to participate in a project like this? Here are our top seven tips that encourage engagement and Filming for an enjoyable, enriching experience do it for everyone involved.

1. Reach out to colleagues with an affinity for social media

Use your colleagues' enthusiasm for social media to your advantage. Many people are already used to sharing photos and videos in their private environment. Explain why and how their skills can be valuable for creating business content. By showing that their social media skills and their style are required in a corporate context, you not only promote their motivation but also their willingness to get actively involved.

Employees also frequently use LinkedIn and Xing in particular to Work networks to be connected — with partners, customers, and colleagues. Show that their content is valuable and unique here in particular, for example, to announce events, promote new products, or attract talented employees.

2. Show benefits through a video project

It's important to show colleagues the benefits they can get from participating in video projects. Be it the opportunity to learn new skills, increase their visibility in the company, or simply have fun at work. When employees understand that their participation in a video has direct positive effects on their career or their work environment, they are more willing to take this step.

  1. Professional development: Video creation is a skill that is increasingly in demand in today's digital world. Participating in a video project enables employees to gain practical experience in this area. This can expand their professional skills and make them more attractive for future career opportunities.
  2. Team building: Video projects encourage collaboration and can help strengthen relationships between team members. Collaborative creative projects like this create a sense of community and improve work ethic.
  3. Visibility and recognition: By participating in a company video, employees get the chance to become more visible within the company. This can lead to greater recognition from management and colleagues, which in turn can have a motivating effect and have a positive impact on your career.
  4. Influence on corporate culture: Employees who participate in video projects can actively shape the corporate culture. This allows them to help shape the company's values and messages and to play a role in external communication.
  5. Creative expression: Video projects provide a platform for creative expression. Employees can contribute their ideas and be creative, which is seen in many working environments as a balance to routine work.
  6. Fun factor: Last but not least, fun shouldn't be neglected. Video creation can be a welcome change from everyday office life and can be fun. This helps to increase overall job satisfaction.

3. Provide demo and training

Sometimes fear of the unknown is the biggest obstacle. Organize workshops or short demo sessions where your colleagues can see how videos are being recorded Which technique is used and what they could look like in front of the camera. Such training demystifies the process and builds trust. This gives them the confidence and security they need to be in front of the camera themselves.

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4. Filming or concept design instead of having to speak in front of the camera

Not everyone is a born speaker. Biete alternatives, which do not require employees to speak directly in front of the camera. This can be creating the video concept or filming colleagues, interactions, or processes without the person speaking directly into the camera. Or you can find colleagues with great voices for voiceovers. This method allows all employees to be part of the video without feeling the pressure to perform.

A certain agility in concept creation and filming also contributes to authentic videos being created and diverse ideas being heard and implemented in the video project.

5. Choose simple formats and projects — especially as a beginner

On the one hand, complex image films are not easy to produce, and on the other hand, they are not always the ideal format for every application. For example, in recruiting, where personal connections and real insights into your company are worth much more than staged scenes. Therefore, especially at the beginning, it is better to use simple formats such as interviews, Follow-Me-Arounds, or even videos without spoken text. Make use of events, seminars, or internal changes that have already been planned, which automatically have a relaxed atmosphere or are relevant to your target group, and capture these authentic moments from everyday life.

6. Away from professional and staged scenes towards authentic video insight

In today's world, people strive for authenticity. Make your videos look real and unadorned. Instead of focusing on professional and staged scenes, encourage your colleagues to show their true selves and speak freely. That means that they also Make a joke, radiate their charm, and not take the situation quite as seriously. This not only promotes an authentic presentation of the company but also helps employees feel more relaxed and natural.

7. Use intuitive video creation software

Many successful corporate videos were created not through complex video production with an agency, film crew, and expensive equipment, but by simple devices, intuitive technologies as well as exciting concepts. 

Our video app makes it easy for anyone, even laymen, to enter the world of content production. Video templates created individually for you simplify concept design, while you can easily control important technical details such as sound and light via the app. Editing and uploading is also done without much effort. The app also invites you to work collaboratively on video projects. And it's all via smartphone!


The motivation of colleagues to participate in corporate videos can be significantly improved by taking a creative approach and understanding their concerns. By showing them the benefits, providing them with the knowledge and training they need, and offering alternatives to the traditional approach, you can create an environment where everyone wants to get involved. Use these tips to inspire your colleagues and that Make full use of the potential of corporate videos.

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