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6 benefits of using videos

The year 2021 recorded according to the Federal Statistical Office around 120,000 bankruptcies in Germany — because today deals unscrupulously with entrepreneurs who are unable to keep pace. It requires standing up to the competition and reacting quickly to market changes, for example by establishing more digitality in day-to-day business. In this case, digitality means, among other things hybrid workplaces, which define themselves through collaborative work in sharepoints and agility. But alternative business models and tools are also required if, for example, a home office is to be standard and, instead of just presence, there will also be more online offerings in the future.

With this “new normal” and the digital, collaborative workspace, there are significant challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome. These include:

  • Appearance of remote teams that are more The need for flexible working hours and asynchronous work models having
  • Increasing number of international branches, which involve time shifts and cultural diversity
  • Modern teams looking for collaborative working methods require appropriate tools

As a result of the changes mentioned above, traditional tools such as Word or even emails are often no longer productive or can be used collaboratively, as the organization of the teams has changed. Companies often notice this in everyday working life when creating content such as documentation or protocols and their corrections.

The benefits of video content in your daily business

Content such as onboardings, process documentation, or presentations to create, is a time-consuming task. Everyone knows that: You're stuck in meetings together for hours or receive heaps of emails and files full of comments that have to be read several times only to then make a phone call with the sender. Because of its frequency, this means for many companies, lost profits, delays and not to forget, often a lot of Frustration on the employee side. In addition, hybrid workplaces with flexible working hours do not always allow the necessary appointments, calls, or chats. That is why companies benefit from video messages in day-to-day business.

Advantage #1: Deliver (complicated) content faster and more comprehensible

E-mails and comments are prone to errors, often misleading and, in the worst case, incomprehensible. Will the message be Said instead of written, the essence of the message is often conveyed more clearly and more quickly? If facial expressions, gestures, and your own spoken words are present without ambiguity when transmitting content, what has been said is received! This applies in particular to complicated issues, for example in the case of extensive projects. In the future, refrain from wasting comments with video sequences that no one will understand. By “stop & play” videos, employees can also consume the content bit by bit and understand everything better. This allows employees to exchange significantly more knowledge in a short period.

Benefit #2: Reduce correction loops

Commentary on comments and several correction loops for text files — this is part of daily business for many. And it also means that creating content takes significantly longer and eats up unnecessary resources. As explained in Advantage 1, video content is transmitted more clearly, including the associated feedback in the form of a video message for the creator of the file. Reduce review loops when working collaboratively with your team with StoryBox videos.

Benefit #3: Reduce the number of emails

Thanks to the faster and easier delivery of content and fewer review loops, all email inboxes in your organization are also less burdened. Replace eternally long email flows including time-consuming screenshot creation with crisp StoryBox video content in the future.

Benefit #4: Shorten courses of action

If the content is delivered faster even without long meetings, as explained in Advantage 1, correction loops are lower, as in Advantage 2, and emails less effort, as in Advantage 3, the associated courses of action are also shorter. In the event of a time difference, vacation or the like, calls or video chats are not possible, but arrangements can be made asynchronously via video and approvals can be issued quickly.

Benefit #5: Save money

That's what you want: The content of the joint creation of documents is presented clearly and quickly, and employees do not have to write long emails, documentation, or handovers and do not have to create cumbersome screenshots or the like. Duplicate work in the form of messages in your inbox, downstream calls, or chats is not necessary, which means that you can save resources thanks to video and use them much more lucratively. 

Benefit #6: Close communication gaps

It is not uncommon for employees in modern companies to sit at different locations. They work remotely with flexible working hours, in different time zones, and speak different languages. That doesn't exactly make collaborative work easy. But vacation periods also often cause delays in project work. Thanks to video and asynchronous consumption, time shifts or vacation days do not affect your productivity. With the StoryBox app, you can close the communication gap with your teams through videos.

Which content can be created and corrected collaboratively via video message?

StoryBox helps you create and adapt documents collaboratively. One Wide range of formats Video content can be created faster, communicated more clearly, and optimized more easily. These include:

  • processes
  • documentations
  • protocols
  • notes
  • presentations
  • Meetings
  • Training content
  • Announcements
  • Onboarding processes

The StoryBox app can do even more

Thanks to StoryBox's video app, you can promote collaborative work in your company in the future, whether with remote teams or when there is a time difference. But our app can do so much more! Videos not only help to save resources and to better convey or correct content. With StoryBox, you can also Record videos quickly and collaboratively. During a short demo, we would be happy to show you StoryBox for your use cases!


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