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The overview for your video project

You know the scenario: You've finished recording and editing a video project and are ready to upload. But then it is rejected due to the format of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Co., or the quality is not as expected. Once the video is online, you naturally want to achieve the widest possible reach. 

For videos to be accordingly successful on social media, it is not only the content that is decisive but also that the technical details for each platform are taken into account. This includes resolution, format, file type, frame rate, video length, and file size. We've listed the most important specs for your video projects on the relevant social media platforms for companies here.


Our tips:

For Facebook, we recommend adding descriptive text and subtitles so that the video is barrier-free.

Square videos or videos in portrait format are often the most noticeable, especially in users' overloaded news feeds, as they take up the most space.


Our tips:

Instagram videos usually have entertaining or informative text. For stories and reels, users like to use subtitles or disappearing text modules that accompany the video.

We recommend square or portrait videos for a better user experience.


Our tips:

Even though LinkedIn is a business social media platform, here too, as on other platforms, published videos are about captivating viewers with a story instead of boring them with dry facts. Therefore, focus on storytelling and emotions.


Our tips:

Twitter is one of the more text-heavy platforms, which is why users (have to) invest a lot of time. It is therefore recommended to set videos to a particularly short duration. Since Twitter is all about being up-to-date, companies should also use live videos.


Our tips:

Videos on TikTok are sorted based on used hashtags and played to users. So be sure to choose relevant and appropriate for your target group #hashtags, which you assign to your video.

Videos that are uploaded directly via TikTok are played automatically and attract more user attention.


Our tips:

YouTube is the only platform that is suitable for long tutorials or instructions. For the greatest success of the video projects, they use another platform in addition to YouTube and market the video there.

An appealing thumbnail (preview image) ensures higher viewership numbers on YouTube. You should ensure that the image quality is as high as possible and integrate keywords into the image.

The Principle: Know the Platform and Your Target Group

In addition to using the right format on your chosen social media platform, it is fundamentally important to know the benefits of the site and your target group. 

While TikTok, for example, invites you to scroll through entertaining videos and Facebook often serves as a contact with colleagues, friends, and family, users on LinkedIn expect content from their network in a professional context or in a professional way (which doesn't mean that it shouldn't also be entertaining!)

Do you have any questions about an upcoming video project on social media? Contact our video experts!


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