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A must in the digital age of generational change

Generation X (born 1965-1980) and millennials (born 1981-1996) currently make up the largest proportion of employees in companies worldwide. While Generation X is gradually reaching retirement age, the millennial generation in particular known for their thirst for knowledge and tendency to change jobs. Not a good scenario in the event of leaving the company, as both generations offer a wealth of expertise and skills that are of great value to the company. With generations leaving and known for their agile career planning, protecting corporate know-how is becoming a daily and decisive task.

Why share and protect knowledge?

Companies must develop effective strategies and take measures to transfer and protect their know-how. Transferring and protecting know-how in the event of employee changes is not only a question of knowledge management but also a critical aspect for operational safety and sustainability as well as competitiveness. It requires a powerful tool that takes these aspects into account. And that's where video comes in as a game changer.

Scalable transfer of know-how in operational use

In our digital, fast-paced world, we need tools that are preventive Disseminate knowledge as detailed, effortlessly, and widely as possible. Ideally consistently, without our constant involvement, and in a safe manner. This starts with a corporate culture that not only supports the transfer of knowledge but also actively promotes it. An open dialogue and an environment in which sharing knowledge is seen as valuable are essential.

Videos offer exactly that. Employee A records for employees B to Z in detail how he successfully carries out process x in his daily business.

On the one hand, established, highly trained employees can collect and process their knowledge using video. By setting up an internal knowledge database for future employees, existing specialists can archive in detail what there is to say about processes, products, and learnings. Every time an employee watches an instructional video from their colleagues, valuable knowledge is transferred. This type of learning is not only dynamic and appealing but also enormously scalable. Why On the one hand, can train several employees anytime and anywhere. In addition, unlike pure 1:1 familiarization or digging through documentation, they have the option of Looking at matter over and over again. In addition, the so-called implicit knowledge, tacit knowledge, is also converted into video recordings. 

Why is video in particular the ideal solution for knowledge transfer?

👀 Videos are interactive, easy to understand, and show in detail how to do something  Kind of like cooking shows.

🔎 Videos can break down complex processes into understandable bits that are easy to process. At important moments, you can “zoom into the process.”

🧠 Instead of having to read dry, extensive manuals or pages of documentation, videos offer a story, a face, and a voice that stays in the memory.

♥️ Videos primarily provide knowledge between the lines. They show not only the “what,” but also the “how” and “why.” Through body language, the details of dealing with materials, or the reasons for certain actions, the speaker conveys much more context than “just” expertise.

Long-term know-how protection with video

In addition to the constant transfer of knowledge, its long-term protection is also relevant. This includes the use of technical means such as documentation software, wikis, and video platforms, which help ensure that knowledge can be retained within the company. When employees integrate their knowledge into these systems, it is stored, even if they are no longer personally part of the company. The aim is not to chain knowledge but to archive it in such a way that it is still available to the company.

Video databases can be given access rights to ensure that only authorized employees have access. Encryption and regular backups ensure that intellectual capital is not lost even in the event of technical problems or cyber-attacks goes. 

However, the key to long-term protection of know-how lies not only in technical solutions but also in Establishing redundancies within personnel. By promoting mentoring programs in which experienced employees share their knowledge with colleagues, a culture of learning and sharing is created. This redundancy ensures that the departure of an employee does not result in an irreplaceable loss of know-how. Protection therefore goes hand in hand with the daily transfer of knowledge.


Videos are not just a tool. They provide a bridge between generations and cultures and allow knowledge to flow seamlessly and freely, within the limits we set. Whether it's training new employees, training teams, or protecting critical trade secrets, videos are the answer to many of today's challenges. They are the link that combines theory and practice as well as employees. Knowledge transfer and protection should not only be used as a path, but as Dialogue and interaction be understood Which in the corporate culture must overflow. 

Videos enable employees to ask questions and provide feedback. They can leave comments or even create their videos showing their (new) findings or alternative methods. This creates a lively ecosystem of learning and knowledge sharing that is constantly growing and evolving. The challenge of protecting know-how in the event of employee changes and the departure of millennials can therefore be overcome through a combination of corporate culture, technical support, and personnel policy strategies. 

Show me what it looks like in practice!


How many videos can we make?
The number of videos you produce with StoryBox is unlimited in all packages. Our most important goal is that you can use StoryBox to create good video content with high output.
We have several brands, is that possible?
You can use StoryBox with more than just one brand and therefore with multiple CIs. We will work out the pricing for this individually for you.

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