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In a world that is turning faster than ever before, companies need to adapt and develop. Agility is the keyword here that is used at the management level and is becoming more and more important. Whether due to new strategies, mergers, digital transformation, or a shift to new working models, change can be frightening. So how can you ensure that your message is about the upcoming changes Not only heard, but also understood and, above all, accepted? Here, the medium of video plays a decisive role in change communication. But let's start from the beginning.

That's what change management means today

Change management is a term that is omnipresent in the corridors of modern companies. But what does it mean? Simply put, it's about having a structured approach to implementing change, for example as part of a package of measures. This doesn't just mean introducing new technologies or changing organizational structures. It is about taking people along on the journey to address their concerns and winning them over to the planned changes. In this dynamic context, communication becomes the lifeline of successful change — and video is the ideal tool!

The use of videos in internal communication:

Videos can be used in change management in a variety of ways: 

  • to explain the purpose and necessity of the change
  • to demonstrate hands-on what the future could look like
  • to keep all parties in the loop regularly
  • to address concerns and questions
  • to share success stories and testimonials

Videos provide a platform where managers can share and inspire their vision authentically, and employees feel seen and heard.

How change management videos are changing your business

Video has established itself as a powerful tool in all internal communication, particularly when it comes to change management. Why Because videos can convey complex messages in a simple, understandable, and, above all, personal way. A well-made video can arouse feelings, strengthen identification with the company and thus improve The basis for positive change lay.

💭 Imagine you get an email from your CEO announcing a big change. Now imagine watching a video of the same CEO talking — you see his body language, hear the tone of his voice, and feel his conviction. The second option is certainly more powerful and leaves a lasting impression. Videos ensure that seemingly unreachable people and their messages are suddenly accessible.

In addition, videos that are available on demand overcome the hurdles of hybrid workplaces, time zones, and flexible working hours. In today's work dynamics, a corporate advantage that should not be underestimated! When face-to-face communication isn't possible, videos help you scale anyway. The information about the change can be communicated at any time and can be consumed asynchronously within the company.

The benefits at a glance

→ Videos visualize the change and the positive outcome. In this way, they ensure a clear picture for all recipients.

→ Videos contribute to better comprehensibility, as changes in practice can be shown and formulated orally.

→ Videos not only convey information but also feelings, which creates a high potential for identification and reduces anxiety.

→ Videos are also suitable for modern business models with remote workplaces and international teams without creating communication gaps.


Short sneak peek at our video app:

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Employer branding in change management

Change communication does not always have to take place only via the C-level. Acceptance, motivation, and understanding can also be increased by the presence of employee voices, for example from involved managers or employees.

The integration of employees in change management promotes a sense of belonging and strengthens corporate loyalty. Through the use of employee voices, the promised culture is also lived out. The associated team or department heads or even those involved in the project. Colleagues reach employees on another level and can also actively offer talks, coaching, or the like, for example. 


Change communication in companies is an art in itself. At a time when change is the only constant, videos can build a bridge between now and what is to come. They humanize the process, make it tangible, and make it easier for everyone in the company to be part of the journey. So the next time you're faced with the challenge of communicating a change in your company, remember: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. Use the power of video to take your change communication to the next level and successfully navigate your company through change.

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