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In an era in which not only content but also digitization and virtuality are king, companies are forced to find innovative ways to achieve a strong and consistent corporate culture toward promoting as well as to maintain. This is where the powerful medium of video comes into play, which serves as a living tool for maintaining and manifesting corporate culture. Integrating video into organizational culture has proven to be extremely effective as it enables the corporate communications and takes interaction to a new level. Videos can be used in very different ways. Since the Corona pandemic in particular, it is common practice to rely on video formats for calls and appointments, often because colleagues work remotely. But playable videos also serve as a means of communication for other areas.

When, how, where to use video recordings for corporate culture?

  • Development of a knowledge database and training portfolio
  • Setting up a continuous update and feedback system for everyone Hierarchy levels
  • Communicate security and stability in crisis management
  • Promote asynchronous project work among all teams (including remotely)
  • Visualize visions, values and missions in an understandable way via video recording
  • Send video invitations to events, team lunches, etc., record highlights for those not present, record reminders

How to benefit from video recording

1. Personal, lively, inclusive communication

Video enables multi-dimensional communication that extends traditional written or oral communication. Videos aren't just inviting and easier to remember than cumbersome, long emails. Through the visual and auditory connection, it also creates a dynamic and personal interaction that strengthens the sense of belonging and creates promotes robust and lively corporate culture. For example, invitations to team events formulated via video are more successful than texts. Even those who were not there can watch the highlights through video recordings. That's how it will Feeling of isolation and alienation reduced and created a resilient working environment.

2. Common, livable awareness

Video recordings enable employees to communicate and experience the company's values and visions as well as project data in an appealing and inspiring way. Especially in crisis situations or important management updates, this is important in order to always Safety and clarity in the midst of uncertainty and confusion to mediate. Moving images of well-known faces in the organization, with a strong memorable message, create awareness of what is important. It is about creating a common understanding and direction that lead to the same goal.

3. Flexible use of force

Technologies like StoryBox make it easy to create, share, and watch videos. This allows a flexible and easy integration of videos into everyday work. In doing so, video creates a useful asynchronous connection, i.e. is regardless of time and place.

4. Continuous teaching and learning

Video supports continuous learning and internal development for employees by promoting a platform for sharing and building knowledge. Despite geographical distance, employees can also work together and communicate effectively through video recordings. They can share knowledge, send updates, and work on projects asynchronously. By combining image and sound, more complex concepts and Information made easier to understand and understand become. In addition, videos allow an accessible feedback culture that is approachable. With videos, you can also dispense with cumbersome written wording for training or introductions and instead use the most understandable mouthpiece: your own employees.


Integrating video into corporate culture is a critical step in creating a dynamic, inclusive, and motivating work environment. It enables lively and authentic communication, strengthens corporate values and promotes continuous learning and driving innovation. Video creates a visual and emotional connection that increases employee engagement and satisfaction and thus contributes to the overall success of the company.

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