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In a highly competitive job market, where companies are constantly looking for the best talent, recruiting videos can help set themselves apart from the competition. By presenting your strengths, values, and culture appealingly, you can attract highly qualified and, above all, the most suitable candidates for you and fill your vacancies more efficiently.

Importance of recruiting videos

Strengthen employer brand

A recruiting video is an excellent opportunity to present a company's employer brand. This is not only about pure facts such as salary or locations but also about the presentation of the corporate culture, the values, and the personality of the organization. This helps potential candidates get a better picture of the company and imagine what it would be like to work there.

3 types of recruiting videos

To create a successful recruiting video, it's helpful to first become familiar with the different types of videos. Here are a few examples:

1. Corporate culture video

Corporate culture videos are about conveying the atmosphere and values of a company. Such videos can show, for example, the work environment, joint activities, or social projects. This gives potential applicants an insight into the corporate culture and how to interact with each other and can better assess whether they would feel comfortable there. This type of video must focus on uniqueness.

2. Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials are videos in which employees share their personal experiences with the company. They can present details about their career path and position, team collaboration, work-life balance, or continuing education opportunities. These types of videos are particularly credible because they come directly from employees and not from company management. They also contribute to Corporate Loyalty.

3. Job-specific videos

Job-specific videos focus on specific jobs or departments within the company. They provide detailed information about the requirements, tasks, and career opportunities of a specific position. Ideally, you also get an insight into the associated team, the location, and a sense of what the candidate can identify with. The information and insights enable potential applicants to better assess whether the job matches their skills and interests and whether they fit the culture and team.

Best practices for successful recruiting videos

To create a successful recruiting video, there are a few best practices you should follow:

Authenticity and transparency

A successful HR video should always be authentic and transparent. Avoid presenting only the positive aspects of the company, recording contrived, scripted conversations, or making unrealistic promises. Be honest about everyday challenges and requirements for vacant positions. In this way, you avoid disappointment and attract the right employees who are satisfied in the long term.

Use storytelling

Use the curiosity of a viewer to convey your messages emotionally in the form of a story. This can mean, for example, illustrating company values and culture through interesting stories or focusing on the experiences of employees. Emotionally appealing stories are better remembered and can create a stronger bond with the company.

Target group-oriented approach

Before you start creating your recruiting video, you should consider which audience you want to target. Depending on whether you're looking for career starters, professionals, or managers, you can adjust the sound and content of your video accordingly.

Integrate call-to-action

At the end of the recruiting video, there should be a clear call to action that tells the viewer what they should do next. This could be, for example, an invitation to find out more on the company's career page, submit an application, or follow the company on social media. A clear and, above all, simple call-to-action increases the likelihood that interested parties will take action and apply.

Create recruiting videos

Video production: DIY or production company?

You must decide whether you want to create your recruiting video yourself or hire a professional production company outside of the house. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: While self-created videos are cheaper and more flexible, professional productions usually offer higher quality and can better present the company.

For self-created videos, a tool like StoryBox helps you not to sacrifice quality despite producing your videos. The app's intuitive interface allows any layperson to record and also allows collaborative, asynchronous work. StoryBox is also the ideal companion for navigating through any video project using integrated templates and settings options.

To make a good video, you should pay attention to a few aspects:

Create a storyboard and script

A well-planned storyboard and script are crucial for a successful recruiting video. Decide in advance which scenes and content you want to show and how they should be linked together. A structured script helps you to keep the thread in the video and to include all important information.

With the StoryBox Guides templates, every video recording is easy for you. We develop specific templates specifically for you and your use cases, which guide every videographer through recording and editing.

Video technology tips

Look for a good Picture and sound quality to make a professional impression. Use a high-resolution camera or smartphone and ensure good lighting to get an appealing picture. With the StoryBox features, you can adjust the brightness of your scenes every time you start shooting. Use an external microphone to optimize sound and minimize annoying background noise. Videos with StoryBox are automatically noise-free.

Editing and post-processing

Editing and post-processing your recruiting videos is crucial to making the final result look appealing and professional. Make sure the editing is smooth and add text, graphics, or music as needed to enhance the video.

With the StoryBox templates, you can quickly and easily insert building blocks such as belly bands or transitions. The look of your video always matches your CI.

Distribution of the recruiting video

After you've created your recruiting video, you should distribute it in a targeted manner to reach the desired target group:

social media marketing

Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to share your video and reach out to potential applicants. Adapt the format and length of the video to the respective platform and use targeted hashtags or ads to achieve greater reach.

Website and career page

Integrate the recording on your company's website and especially on the career page to give potential applicants a good impression of your company.

Employees as brand ambassadors

Encourage employees to share the video on their social networks and share their personal experiences with the company. This can help present the video to a larger target group and strengthen the company's image.

Measuring the success and optimization of recruiting videos

To measure the success of your recruiting video and make improvements if necessary, you should analyze metrics such as the number of video views, average viewing time, number of shares, and the number of applications generated by the video. This data can help you determine the ROI (return on investment) of your video and make improvements for future video projects.


Recruiting videos are an effective tool for attracting potential candidates for open positions and strengthening a company's employer brand. When creating and distributing a video, you should pay attention to authenticity, target group-oriented communication, and good technical implementation. Performance measurement and continuous optimization are also important components of a successful recruiting video concept.

With StoryBox software, you can create collaborative video projects that scale. We would be happy to show you in a demo all details!


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