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As a recruiter, have you recruited new talent who should now get started as employees in your company? Then it's time to have a good Onboarding to operate. The start of a new job should always start with a warm welcome and a personal approach. This gives employees the chance to feel comfortable from day one. This not only increases their satisfaction but also Engagement and productivity and keeps employees with the company for the long term.

Employers have also recognized this. One Study from 2019 revealed that 93 percent of companies know that good onboarding significantly contributes to employee retention. To make this possible, the employer must provide a wide range of information and the new Integrate talent in the best possible way.

However, it is also important for employers to onboard not to drag on unnecessarily, but to organize in a structured and quick way. It works best with videos. How do you put them in your Induction plans?

In our article, we'll tell you why videos contribute to quick onboarding.

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That's why you should use videos in the onboarding process

The video format plays not only in the Talent Acquisition an important role in recruiting. Even with onboarding you can use videos as an effective tool. For example, you can get in touch with new employees directly before they have even entered the company premises. Onboarding videos can be used for internal communication and allow mentors to get involved with a video message To present them personally and to welcome the talent.

It is not only mentors who can use this communication channel to reach new employees. Even the management has the option of a welcome video message to send. It also allows her to share information that would otherwise usually be mentioned in long emails or meetings.

Videos are used in the onboarding process. This includes the transfer of information. They enable employees to learn things they need for their new job. With the help of the video, they can acquire knowledge more quickly without the need for lengthy and time-consuming support from a mentor. Instead, the new talent can always draw on videos that were created for digital onboarding. They are bundled in one place and can be used anytime and anywhere.

In this way, not only does your company benefit from saving time, but also the new talent itself. It can take on new tasks much more independently and does not have to ask cumbersome questions if there are uncertainties. A virtual onboarding can therefore contribute to employees being trained significantly faster without the company spending too much time and money. The mentor, who is usually assigned to new talents for several hours and days, is no longer necessary and can dedicate himself to his actual tasks.

With a video message, you can pick up the talent before the first day at work, remind you that the new job starts the next day, and that colleagues are already looking forward to the new face. You can also share information the first day at a new job will look like and what program items are on the agenda. In this way, the talent builds a bond with the company in advance and experiences a positive candidate experience.

These are the benefits of onboarding videos

By embedding videos, do you want to onboard employees incorporate, and integrate faster? Then you can benefit from various benefits. There are positive effects, that result from the use of videos in your training plans surrender. 

Videos support microlearning

This includes, for example, microlearning — a learning method that can achieve excellent results. It divides learning material into short modules, which usually five to seven minutes are long and can ideally be made available as videos for new employees. These video units on various topics can help ensure that training is incredibly fast. After all, it is much easier to explain complex issues in video format than in written form. In addition, this type of learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

The big advantage of video is that the dissemination of information is only partially perceived as a learning unit, as it is much more entertaining than boring slides or dry manuals. For this reason, it can be observed that new employees watch videos about onboarding often in their free time. This underlines the influence of a good candidate experience and is particularly pleasant for the employer, as this significantly reduces the time required for training.

StoryBox is the best solution for creating and instantly sharing product explanations, reports, training, company news, and updates. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces.

Videos increase attention

With a video, we feel entertained, while we quickly get tired and bored when reading texts or graphics. This results in another advantage that the video format has in the onboarding process: videos activate our attention. The use of onboarding videos, for this reason, prevents new employees from being bored with the amount of information. This also makes them less distracted. On this point, it differs onboarding not from frontal lessons at school.

Learning studies show that 95 percent of the content that learners extract from a video stays in their minds and is transformed into actively applicable knowledge. However, only 10 percent of content that has been recorded in written form remains stuck. This proves once again the role that videos also play in onboarding new employees and should play. However, for a company to benefit from the videos, they should not only be informative but also produced in an entertaining and high-quality way.

Videos increase identification with the company

Onboarding videos can also help improve the commitment to the company to strengthen. And that doesn't have to happen just after the start of the job. Instead, as a recruiter, managing director, or even future colleagues, you should even before the first day of work get in touch and provide initial information and insights in the form of video messages.

As a further method, the company could also give a new talent permanent contact persons assigned and make it possible to get to know each other long before starting work. This gives the talent the chance to ask questions, get a feeling for the corporate culture, and thus with strengthened self-confidence to start their first day of work.

Videos save time and money

By integrating videos, you primarily support quick onboarding and save a lot of time and money. In fact, in video format, relevant information for future employees can be recorded anytime and prepared much better. By using onboarding videos, you can therefore reduce the budget for induction seminars, as there are hardly any costs for teachers, renting rooms, and learning materials. New employees receive the necessary information even without seminars — and even completely flexible, regardless of time and place.

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This video tool takes your virtual onboarding to a new level

Do you want new employees onboard faster and enable them to get started well? Then learning units and personal messages via video are a good method. To waste as little time as possible with technical details, you can use a video tool. 

You can intuitively create videos with StoryBox and be guided through the app using the understandable tutorials. No previous knowledge is required. So within a short period, you develop an appeal to video messages and record and give your employees the onboarding facility.

The use of logos, fonts, and colors, which you can upload and use in a template, also allows your company to expand employer branding and create a consistent appearance as part of the CI. In this way, all employees can create templates. 

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In a personal conversation, you can then discuss with the experts how you can best use StoryBox for onboarding can be used in your company.


When it comes to onboarding new employees, the use of videos can offer you advantages. However, to benefit from these, the videos should always be produced to a high standard. It is also important that the Messages and learning units be regularly checked to ensure that they are up to date and, if necessary, adjusted.

In addition, employees should not get the feeling that video onboarding takes place to save costs within the company. So that talents do not feel lonely, in addition to all the advantages that the video format brings, they should always rely on a good mix and therefore blended onboarding is used. It combines face-to-face and online training and thus ensures that interpersonal exchange is also guaranteed right from the start.

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