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62% of employees now work in at least a hybrid working model — partly in the office and working from home. In addition to corporate culture, the challenges faced by remote workers also have an impact on their willingness to work, enjoyment of work, and focus on business. That is why colleagues working from home need much more from their employer than you would initially expect. 

At the latest when it comes to an intact corporate culture and team cohesion, modern solutions and The right strategy asked for so that companies the Appropriate home office model can be. One example of this is Employer Branding, which allows employees, whether remotely or locally, to be more actively involved in the company and strengthen cohesion.

Organizations with workers who (mainly) work remotely face the following three problems:

Difficult collaboration in remote teams

A factor for a poor corporate culture and mistakes due to communication gaps is a system that does not encourage collaboration and discussion. E-mail inboxes are often overloaded and appointments are overcrowded; especially when conversations only take place via message or video chat. Especially since different time zones can make joint live conversations immensely difficult. That's why both new colleagues and teams that are suddenly working together on a project need a way to easily get together, collaborate, and also be able to work on their tasks asynchronously.

The solution: bring people together at any time through videos

Be it for regular meetings or tasks from everyday work: Use videos easily at any time in the company. This is particularly true when employees are looking for easy ways to communicate and collaborate or want to work independently of each other. With the medium of video, various use cases are covered in companies.

Use videos as a tool for your employees

  • to overcome hurdles and simplify communication channels for everyone
  • to encourage them to exchange ideas even with time differences
  • to integrate new employees into the team more quickly
  • to encourage them to collaborate more

Lack of emotional connection to the company among remote workers

Employees are more loyal and willing to do more when they stand behind the company's message, see themselves as part of the whole, and feel heard. If an employee is not sitting onsite but in their own four walls, it is important that Belonging to the company is created by means other than physical presence.

The solution: Using employees as brand ambassadors in videos

Use your employees as brand ambassadors, preferably in the form of videos, and benefit twice as much.

Your employees ideally use social media channels on behalf of your company to contribute to the public awareness of your company. They also convey the message about culture and share vacancies or other interesting offers most convincingly and with wide reach on their social network. Although they represent your company, they have a much more personal connection to the target group on the market and therefore more convincing.

In addition to a positive public image, employer branding with videos also helps you gain their trust internally through the commitment of your employees and achieve higher corporate loyalty. Because they speak positively about their job and their work for you.

The insurmountable social distance between your remote employees

Around 20% of remote workers reported on a survey stating that loneliness is their second-biggest problem when working from home. Accordingly, the social distance created by one's jobs at home is great and affects cooperation and the development of a corporate culture. Anyone sitting in different rooms, in different cities, or even on different continents must therefore actively strive for this, social interaction, a team spirit to create. With the time difference, this is a complex matter. If no one in an organization is responsible for this, the social framework of the teams often cannot be created healthily.

The solution: Breaking barriers with videos

If there is no need for regular get-togethers and togetherness in everyday office life due to remote workplaces, a solution is needed that brings people together and overcomes hurdles. In large companies with continuous growth or change of employees, unfamiliarity and lack of emotional connection are the most common barriers and obstacles to productivity and employee satisfaction.

In addition to chats, which are not always easy in an eventful working day and with time differences, videos are a good way to give what has been said “a face.” In addition, videos are the solution for the necessary asynchronous communication, especially for colleagues in different time zones.

  • Use videos to welcome new colleagues before day one.
  • Instead of impersonal emails or text deserts on intranets, rely more on videos
  • Build bridges between departments, teams, and colleagues — worldwide 
  • Actively engage your employees to contribute to corporate culture and maintain communication channels

Video recordings with StoryBox for more connection with your business

Incomplete communication, lack of connection, and social distance: are three main problems faced by companies when employees work remotely. And three factors that contribute to a poor corporate culture and lack of corporate loyalty. With video recordings, you counteract this. Use them in everyday life to close communication gaps, support asynchronous transfer of knowledge, and let employees become active for the company through employer branding.

Would you like to find out how StoryBox can help you do this? Learn our intuitive video app in a short demo and find out how it can be easily used even by laymen and can be used daily in your job.


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