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Why students deserve (and need) special attention in recruiting

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 70% of employees in Germany consist of Generation X (year of birth 1965 to 1979) and Generation Y (year of birth 1980 to 1999). The millennials, Generation Y people, are therefore among today's graduates and form An important target group for every recruiter — apart from Generation Z students (born 1995 to 2010), who will also be among the next top talent in Germany.

Graduates are therefore on the rise in several professions and industries. That is why this must also Be tailored to precisely these generations to keep up with the market and make entrepreneurial progress with new specialists. And to close the gap between the wishes of graduates and what employers offer at the same time. We want to show you how to get the best access to future top talent and attract them to your company with charming video messages.

This is what makes today's graduates special (attractive)

What distinguishes today's students? They are extremely device-controlled Because most of them grew up with the Internet, a smartphone, etc. They move a lot on the web And when it comes to communication and wishes regarding their working life, they focus on things like Freedom, individuality, and equality their focus. Today's graduates also want a company in particular that is interested in them as an individual. Communicate this interest right from the recruiting stage.

Why are graduates particularly attractive to companies? Above all, they bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas. In theory (and often also practically), students are well-trained. Through their studies, new talents bring innovative ways of working to the team. They are good for togetherness and are driving digitization as well as modern technologies and work concepts often Enormously ahead.

What does graduate scouting look like?

The right time

The right time is now! In the highly competitive applicant market, the most qualified talent is often already receiving a lucrative job offer during her studies. Organizations must therefore keep an eye out for suitable university graduates right now.

Choose the right platform (s)

When recruiting for graduates, you shouldn't just rely on job platforms or even career fairs or the like! Millennials, and particularly Gen Z, are online around the clock and out and about on social platforms. That is why there are LinkedIn, TikTok, and Co. are decisive for success in the search for employees.

An address that connects

The young talents speak “another language”, namely that of the Internet. This means drawing attention to yourself with uniqueness, charm, and wit and getting to the point quickly. At the same time, communication through a screen via direct message creates a hurdle, namely the lack of personal connection between the candidate and the company. That's why you should create an emotional level right from the start and the Communication on an equal footing lead. Ensure the necessary approachability with authentic video messages as soon as you contact us for the first time.

A message that will be remembered

Use recruiting for the right graduates not only to post your vacant positions, but Go at Active Sourcing Actively reach out to talents via video message!

Deliver the message in a relaxed, open, and concise way — this is how you attract qualified students. Integrate tailor-made video content into your posting or contact and make communication as simple but authentic as possible!

  • Avoid too many facts, because the smartphone is not the right place or time to do so! Use the additional written job advertisement for this purpose. 
  • Briefly mention the most important key data about the job in the message, and otherwise put your presence in the foreground. 
  • Show what makes you unique. Caring Company? A leader in sustainability? Good work-life balance? Working from Anywhere? All characteristics of an employer that are decisive for graduates.
  • Tell me something that a student can identify with.
  • Address the applicants' ideas about the future. Where do you want to go entrepreneurially? What type of employee do you need for this?
  • Retain existing talent as part of Employer branding in the video message. This shows how valuable you keep your employees and also ensures a good atmosphere internally.
  • Send friendly video messages as a follow-up to remind yourself again.

Score points with academics with video

Not only do you find suitable graduates on the right platform, but also attract them with video messages.

→ Video posts get up to 20% more views

→ Messages with video get up to 50% more replies

Therefore, rely on charming video messages that every recruiter in the company can produce quickly and easily. StoryBox, our cloud-based software, is the ideal companion in this process. Using an intuitive user interface and highly individual video templates, you can film, edit, and edit (also collaboratively) any type of recruiting video for academics. Would you like an example?

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