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Videos are a popular medium, even in the business sector. Companies, for example, design posts for social media channels that contain small video sequences. Or they create a YouTube channel where they present their products. Due to the pandemic and digitalization, Videos gained popularity — whether in the form of webinars, online training courses, or corporate communication videos.

For video recording, many companies like to rely on experts who provide expensive equipment for recording, sound, and lighting. An expert may be useful at one point or another, but for daily work with videos, no expensive technology is required. Don't you think so? Here we'll explain why and tell you how!

Video recordings without StoryBox


If you want to record a video for your company, you must first decide what you want to see in the video. One person, one team, the premises? Entrepreneurs often find this difficult and do not consider what should or should not be seen in the set-up. The video is then not convincing due to its professionalism because what is shown or the background is not consistent or the corporate identity is not recognizable.


With conventional video recordings, it is up to each videographer to capture the scene. Professional recording often requires appropriate external light sources, microphones, or even several cameras. For this reason, experts and their equipment are often in demand here.


As a layman, it's not the easiest thing to set the ideal light for a professional corporate video. In addition, company rooms do not always have the right lighting conditions for videos. If the video is not properly illuminated, people are not easy to see or what is being recorded does not look appealing. Here too, the eye of a camera expert and other equipment is therefore often required.

Sound & music

As with recording and lighting, you need additional technology to get the right sound in the video. Be it in the form of a room microphone or on the speaker's collar. If music is then required when editing the video, appropriate audio tracks must be searched for, downloaded, edited, and inserted into the video. Not only does it sound like a lot of work, but it is!

Cut & render

Recording a video is no easy task, but it usually fails in the end due to professional editing. This usually requires an additional program that is not always intuitive to use.

Save, upload & share

Your video is ready and you want to save it, you're just wondering where and then make it available to everyone? Video files often have a large format, which makes saving and sending difficult. What is also the situation with approval and the issue of data protection? This requires further steps in the video shooting process.

Collaborative work

Rarely is just one person responsible for a corporate video. In most cases, other teams and supervisors are also involved. Traditional systems often make collaborative work difficult because no approval steps are planned. The video has to be sent or uploaded to SharePoint in a cumbersome way, which slows down the work.

Video shooting with StoryBox


The StoryBox app is designed to support entrepreneurs in video recording from the start to the finished video and beyond. Right from the set-up stage, our app supports video projects for social media, your website, training, and much more.

  • Templates: To use StoryBox, you can work with us to design individual templates that are adapted to your use cases. These then include, for example, the corresponding scenes, belly bands, and helpful recording tips.
  • Workflow & scenes: With StoryBox, thanks to integrated templates, you can already see the individual scenes that you need to record in a predefined structure. This includes static scenes, which include text, for example, but also dynamic scenes in which the speaker, the team, or the rooms can be seen.
  • Corporate identity: Your corporate identity is automatically stored in your set-up for every video. This means you don't have to worry about colors, logos, etc. anymore! It saves a lot of time.


With StoryBox, you have the option of various formats for your recording. Portrait or landscape mode or would you prefer square? You also have the option to choose between the front and the selfie camera. In addition, with StoryBox, the adjustment of light, zoom, etc. is user-friendly. Every mobile phone user will be fine with the familiar buttons for adjusting the brightness and zooming in or out.

Do you want to capture different scenes or do you want transitions with text and other effects? With the templates in the StoryBox app, editing your company video is easy.


StoryBox makes it easy: You can start shooting your scenes with the Light settings play and add less or more brightness to your video thanks to a slider and gamma correction.

Sound & music

Anyone who records corporate videos of any kind with StoryBox also benefits from user-friendly sound technology. The audio is included automatically and noise-free, and it is also possible to mute. This is useful if you want music that can also be easily inserted into the video.

Cut & render

Thanks to the preview function, StoryBox saves you a lot of time even before you edit and publish your video. You can easily re-record individual scenes and re-insert them into the video. Cutting and rendering are also easy for every user thanks to the user-friendly interface. Also, check out the built-in filters in StoryBox!

Save, upload & share

StoryBox thinks of everything for you: 

  • Data protection: To be protected in terms of data protection, you will be asked to record a compliance scene of every person you see in addition to the scenes. This assures you that you can use the video by data protection (GDPR).
  • Storage: StoryBox allows you to save your finished video in the cloud. This allows you and your teams to access the file remotely at any time. You can also generate an iframe code for your website.

Approval: If other people are responsible for the video, you can simply ask for their approval using StoryBox.

Collaborative work

With StoryBox, you can work collaboratively from the first to the last step. Even when recording the individual scenes, several people with the appropriate authorization can participate, even if they work remotely. When editing and uploading or approving the entire video project, it is also possible to involve other parties without much effort thanks to the StoryBox app.

StoryBox: the complete app for your company video

In direct comparison with conventional video apps, StoryBox stands out as a system with a positive customer experience and high usability. From scene set-up to actual recording to sound, editing, and storage Save a lot of time with StoryBox. Because: In addition to templates, the app also includes many helpful elements such as lighting adjustment, integrated GDPR, and sharing options.

We would be happy to show you all the video recording details for your company video in a short demo.


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