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In times of the “war for talents,” in which trends such as remote work, human relations, and corporate culture are increasingly being incorporated into an attractive employer brand, there are increasingly new rules for employers, to be visible and successful on the job market for talents. The importance of video communication has increased enormously, especially for employer branding, recruiting, and digital personnel marketing.

With Video messages, short Recruiting & HR films Or even Video job descriptions Present yourself authentically as an attractive employer. In addition, you enable candidates and applicants to have an initial and, above all, transparent Insight into your business. Depending on what goals you are pursuing with your video, it can have different messages and content, such as the presentation of specific features or insights into the company as an employer.

Many companies therefore produce very complex and expensive films involving various external service providers. We from StoryBox have set ourselves the goal that all employees of a company can quickly, easily, and without approval processes produce CI-compliant videos.

StoryBox is the key to making recruiting compelling and personal. Address candidates with video messages and establish personal contact throughout the recruiting process. An essential tool for hybrid workplaces.

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Why video job postings?

So what makes video communication better than the classic job posting in text form? The following statistics illustrate the benefits of video communication in recruiting:

  • A video on a job posting (landing page) increases the likelihood of being in Search engine results to occur by 53%.
  • Companies that integrate video content on their website receive 41% more traffic from search engines and increase the time spent by website visitors.
  • Video job ads increase CTR (click-through rate) between 30% to 40%.
  • The length of stay by users on online job advertisements With videos is Twice as high as on ads without video.
  • Social media posts, which include videos, will Shared 13x more, as texts or postings with pictures.
  • Die organic (unpaid) reach by Video Content on social media platforms Compared to any other type of content, is 135% higher

What content should an online job posting have?

Our clients' first idea is often that videos are very complex to create and take much more time, talent, and preparation than a classic job description. Here we show you how you can efficiently and successfully produce your video and thus significantly increase the application rate for your jobs.

  1. Preparation
  2. As usual, create the job ad in writing. Company profiles, requirements, qualifications, benefits, etc. are important for applicants and are therefore essential in writing (key points) of the online job description.
  3. Employees as ambassadors
  4. In the video, it is important to present your company and to present the technical details of the position to be filled. Describe the pre-formulated job posting in your own words and show yourself in the working environment and thus provide insights into your company.
  5. Interaction between recruiting and specialist department
  6. Ideally, the recruiting video is introduced by briefly introducing the company, then the specialist department takes over, e.g. the department management describes the tasks and activities. A brief team overview (including soft skills) or team presentation (structure and number of employees) is recommended. Finally, the responsible recruiter points out the benefits and calls for applications.
  7. The message of the video
  8. We recommend talking briefly about the working environment, work-life balance, or working-time flexibility. Avoid using key figures and facts about the company because, in contrast to emotion and personality, these do not contribute to employer attractiveness.
  9. Authenticity over creativity
  10. All the points mentioned above do not require an elaborate and/or memorized text. Avoid great creative activities, such as rolling office chairs or dance insoles. Stay authentic and make clear and professional statements — ideally in short, understandable sentences.

StoryBox white paper

“More talent with HR videos” 

In our white paper, we have put together many helpful tips and measures to help you win with video communication in the “War for Talents.” 

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Tips and tricks

With StoryBox, it is very easy to produce videos, whether with a smartphone or via screen recording. Read more about dealing with Video shooting with natural lightThe right gesture in front of the camera, or which format should be used for your video job ad in our further blog posts.

StoryBox Loop

In pandemic times, not all colleagues in the office are often available and therefore, for many companies, the challenge of creating videos can hardly be solved without external help or the marketing department. With StoryBox Loop, you can without expertise in post-production and video editing initiate video projects collaboratively, i.e. create and share videos with your colleagues. Regardless of location, the video creator can define and arrange scenes. You then simply invite the missing colleague for the video project, who goes directly to the StoryBox app and can immediately record the missing scene. The scene is integrated directly into the video and your video job description is ready.


Combine the classic job description of text and image with a video and thus increase the application rate (StoryBox customers were able to double this in some cases). Present your company authentically and timely by directly addressing and convincing talents, candidates, and applicants with video content.

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