5 ideas for your next recruiting video: Part 5

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HR marketing with video strategy

You are now creating recruiting videos for your job advertisements, for active sourcing, applicant communication, and preboarding. Have you already been able to attract talented candidates for yourself and the company? Great! Now the work starts all over again. To make your recruiting even more successful, it is recommended to apply proven marketing strategies to HR and focus more on video content. In the fifth part of our series of articles on recruiting videos, we'll show you how to skillfully use videos for personnel marketing.

Personnel marketing — improve your brand strength internally and externally

If traditional marketing aims to present and market the company's offerings with a view to the customer, personnel marketing is about presenting and marketing the company with a view to (potential) employees. Internal personnel marketing is aimed at our employees to satisfy them in the long term and strengthen corporate loyalty. External personnel marketing, on the other hand, focuses on applicants and increasing the attractiveness and applicant rate.


↗️Employer image & awareness

↗️ Applicant quality

↗️ Talent pool

↘️ Recruiting costs


↗️ Loyalty

↗️ Internal promotions

↗️ Communication & transparency

↘️ Cancellation rate

How to use videos in HR marketing

Personnel marketing means winning over existing and new employees by promoting a positive candidate experience during and after employment. You can rely on video messages in many ways.

1. Enhance your career page and job advertisements with video

Your career page and all job advertisements posted online are valuable sources for your personnel marketing — and are ideal for placing videos. Shoot friendly snippets with the company boss, your HR department, or individual recruiters to create an emotional connection with the viewer. In this way, you demonstrate transparency even before you contact the applicant.

2. Video campaigns for image enhancement

Video campaigns are the ideal tool for boosting a company's image and increasing the number of applicants — when executed correctly. Use (all) your employees as the main actors in your image film, instead of just showing the business level in suits and ties or situations remote from everyday life. Future and existing employees would like to have an insight into the actual daily routine and cooperation within the company to be able to identify themselves with the image film. This contributes to maximum success in internal and external personnel marketing. Transform everyday work for the image film into a story, with real faces, stories, and problems as well as solutions. 

Our tip: Less is often more, especially when it comes to image films. Thanks to the look of image films that have already been produced, companies can easily avoid unnecessarily expensive production costs for video campaigns and instead prefer to rely on authentic and genuine insights into corporate culture and everyday life. Our video app StoryBox is suitable for this.

3. Extraordinary storytellers of everyday life: employer branding

By integrating your employees into HR marketing, you promote employee loyalty and increase attractiveness. Since your employees can actively get involved, their opinion is heard and they thus contribute to an improvement in the company, you also increase their satisfaction. You give them creative leeway for important projects or reward them in some way for their participation in the video project. This has positive consequences in the long term, as your employees can act as multipliers in recruiting and project a good image into their network to the outside world.

Employer branding videos can be, for example, interviews with your employees about their tasks or their understanding of corporate culture. Or you can show hands-on what a day at your company looks like. Ask yourself who can be an exceptional narrator of your company's history or everyday work life.

4. Video recruiting through active sourcing

Use videos in personnel marketing also for active recruiting, for example by sending your exciting videos with an insight into everyday working life and culture to suitable candidates. Or you shoot video direct messages for specific jobs with the recruiter, who introduces himself to the candidate and invites him to an interview. Video messages get up to 50% more responses than plain text messages. If your recruiting message is also personally formulated and the video is shot excitingly, your employee recruitment campaign has a good chance of success.

Even after you have actively addressed yourself, you can skillfully use videos in recruiting to communicate with your applicants — namely throughout the application cycle.

5. Pre-boarding and onboarding with video promote trust

The inclusion of new colleagues in the pre-boarding and onboarding program is also part of personnel marketing. By supporting video content in your onboarding process, you ensure that new employees receive all information before their first day of work or can get excited about the new task through insights into important portals and the like. This significantly increases trust. Use the future team as a mouthpiece in a unique employer branding video and greet new colleagues, invite them to lunch, and provide unique, everyday insights into the future team and cooperation.

StoryBox helps you with HR marketing

With our video app StoryBox, numerous companies are already filming successful videos for their personnel marketing every day — from employer branding videos to personal messages from recruiters. The simple handling enables even amateurs to produce video, without superfluous technology, but with the necessary quality.


How many users are included in the packages?
We have no user limits on StoryBox. Pricing is per department and country. Together, we will work out individually for you what this could look like for you.
We have several brands, is that possible?
You can use StoryBox with more than just one brand and therefore with multiple CIs. We will work out the pricing for this individually for you.

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