5 ideas for your next recruiting video: Part 3

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Charismatic video communication with your candidates

Do you have successful Video job postings posted on your website or career portals and contacted suitable candidates on social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, and Co. via an attractive video message? For an all-around successful application process with the desired result, starting with the signing of the contract, you can ideally use personal video content also in all further steps. Read part 3 of the article series “5 ideas for your next recruiting video” and get 6 video ideas in one to optimize your application process through video messages.

The benefits of applicant management with video content

Videos are becoming more and more popular in companies, and particularly in recruiting. Personal video content is particularly suitable when dealing with applicants. For example, provide your talents with important information about the application or job requirements, give updates, and invite the best talent to the next application step. Attract undecided candidates for yourself and your company in this way.

Videos have clear advantages:

Recruiting around the clock: Regardless of where the recruiter or HR manager is in your company: He can also film himself remotely and at any time of day or night from anywhere with his mobile phone, process the videos with StoryBox, and send an information message to the talents. The cool thing about StoryBox: Thanks to the virtual background, every room becomes a professional film set. This is how you get the best specialists and managers on the market around the clock!

Resource-saving tasks: Using individually ready-made templates, every user can record, combine, cut, and send video content to potential candidates with just a little effort. In doing so, you reach talent more successfully than with standardized mass mailings and at the same time conserve your resources in the HR team.

Collaborative work: Would you like to welcome top talent and incorporate more than one colleague? Thanks to cloud-based software, StoryBox lets you record video content collaboratively. Have the team leader greet new potential colleagues and let the recruiter explain everything else about the application process.

Transparent appearance throughout the application process: Regardless of whether you want to convince your candidates of yourself or just want to keep them informed about the application status — with video content, you can do this in a personal way. Use authentic video sequences to communicate the current status of the application, and the detailed job requirements or invite you to an introductory interview at your location.

Personal connection: If an applicant knows a face and a voice that they associate with the company, they can, on the one hand, be more likely to assess whether they are a good fit for the company. On the other hand, he can be navigated through the application process with more emotion and commitment. Video content conveys far more information and interpersonal content than emails and chat messages. Therefore, rely on a personal connection with your candidates, especially when acquiring talent in the hotly contested applicant market.

You can record videos for these steps throughout the application cycle

Video 1: Does a suitable candidate on LinkedIn, Xing, and Co. convey his interest in a job to you? Great! Send a short but personal video recording to communicate important details about the job and get him to submit a resume or invite him to a joint call.

Video 2: Invite suitable candidates to your assessment center and share all important information directly.

Video 3: Tell candidates that after successfully submitting the documents or passing the Assessment Center, they are invited to the next round of the application process.

Video 4: Invite your top talents to a personal interview and get to know each other at your company.

Video 5: Keep suitable applicants up to date throughout the application cycle — in case of delays due to vacation or illness, missing documents, or simply as a quick reminder in between.

Video 6: Send a personal rejection to attract qualified candidates to your talent pool.

You should pay attention to this when using videos in the application process

With video, less is more, and at the same time more is better. For short video messages, it is important to click on good quality to be careful, as this reflects the professionalism of your company. It must In no case a complex set-up be, especially if it's supposed to be a quick hello from the recruiter. But you should pay attention to the lighting and sound conditions. In terms of content, you can limit yourself to the minimum for videos of this type 1-3 minutes, because even an interested candidate doesn't want to invest more on LinkedIn, Xing, and Co. In terms of quantity, You should decide for yourself where a video is appropriate and when a detailed email may be necessary. Often there is a hybrid model: a short, charming heads-up via video and a more information-rich email afterward.

Use the Voices of your teams, to create an authentic and charismatic impression and at the same time inspire company loyalty in-house by using your employees to recruit personnel. Only promise yourself in videos what you can keep and make sure that even in terms of Data protection comply with all rules.

If the recruiter and candidate are in two time zones, phone calls or ZOOM calls are difficult. That's why Videos suitably replace personal contact and overcome the time hurdle in the process. It is therefore important that you make clear statements in your video recordings and formulate a meaningful call-to-action to convey to the applicant what the facts are — whether interest, invitation, acceptance, or rejection.

Do you still have questions about using video content in your recruiting? Book a non-binding appointment with our experts or read part 2 of the series of articles.


How many videos can we make?
The number of videos you produce with StoryBox is unlimited in all packages. Our most important goal is that you can use StoryBox to create good video content with high output.
How many users are included in the packages?
We have no user limits on StoryBox. Pricing is per department and country. Together, we will work out individually for you what this could look like for you.
How are the packages billed?
The pricing of our packages is usually based on departments and countries.

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