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In the fast-paced world of recruiting, HR managers are constantly looking for effective ways to attract the best talent quickly and efficiently. In this digital age, video communication offers an innovative solution that not only increases the efficiency of the recruiting process but also strengthens the employer brand. Tools like StoryBox enable recruiters to create CI-compliant and authentic videos that can revolutionize the entire hiring process.

The role of video communication in recruiting

How can video communication help in recruiting?

Videos have the power to convey complex information in a lively and appealing way. In recruiting, authentic videos enable direct and personal communication with potential candidates. By using StoryBox, recruiters can quickly and easily create videos that not only present corporate culture but also provide detailed insights into open positions. This not only increases interest and the number of applicants but also the quality of applications.

Using videos in recruiting

The use of videos in the recruiting process ranges from presenting corporate culture on social networks to presenting specific job offers in detail. StoryBox offers a platform for this, which makes it possible to ensure CI compliance with predefined video templates while maintaining authenticity. This promotes a strong and consistent employer brand.

Benefits of video communication in detail

Speed up time to hire

Using authentic, self-made videos can dramatically reduce the time required from initial contact with the applicant to final hiring. Videos make it possible to disseminate information quickly and efficiently and at the same time provide a comprehensive picture of the workplace. With StoryBox, recruiters can create and distribute videos within a few hours that would otherwise take days or weeks of coordination. This means that potential candidates are reached more quickly and therefore the entire process from application to hiring is accelerated.

example: A technology startup in Berlin has started using StoryBox to create short, engaging videos in which team members talk about their projects. These videos were embedded in job advertisements and on social media platforms. The result was a significant increase in the number of applicants within a week of publishing the videos. In addition, the company reported a halving of the average time to hire from 60 to 30 days, as applicants were able to get an idea of the company more quickly and were more motivated to apply.

Cost efficiency in recruiting

Significant savings can be achieved through the use of videos, particularly in reducing travel costs for foreign applicants and the time required to conduct on-site interviews. Videos make it possible to screen a large number of applicants efficiently without them having to travel in person. In addition, the need for physical resources such as interview rooms is reduced and administrative costs are reduced. With StoryBox, companies can standardize and repeat their recruiting videos, which further reduces the need for individual, cost-intensive recruiting events.

example: With the help of StoryBox, a medium-sized company from the financial sector has started to create introductory and workplace videos of existing employees and share them on their career page. This replaced several expensive, location-based recruiting events. As a result of this change, the company saved over 40% of previous recruitment costs by eliminating travel and event costs while increasing the reach of job advertisements.

Strengthening the employer brand through video communication

Videos add a personal touch to communication, which is essential to build a strong and positive employer brand. They enable companies not only to talk about their culture and values but also to show them in action, which is often more convincing for potential employees than text-based descriptions. By using StoryBox in a targeted manner, companies can ensure that their videos look professional and consistently convey the company brand, which strengthens candidates' trust and interest.

example: An international consulting firm used StoryBox to record authentic testimonials from employees from various departments. These videos were used specifically to strengthen the employer brand by highlighting the diversity and dynamic work culture of the company. The videos were used in online campaigns and at career fairs, which led to a 50% increase in the number of applicants and significantly strengthened the employer brand in the target markets.

Saving time through efficient processes

In addition to speeding up the time to hire, videos also enable efficiency gains in other areas of the recruiting process. For example, by using introductory and training videos, new employees can be trained more quickly, which leads to faster performance. StoryBox makes it easy to create and share this content through templates, so HR teams can spend less time creating materials and can focus their resources on more strategic tasks instead.

example: A major retail company introduced StoryBox to create onboarding videos for new employees. These videos explain important company guidelines and guide you through the first steps in the company. The introduction of these videos reduced the time required to onboard new employees by 40%, as the HR department had to spend less time on personal training and instead made the videos accessible via the intranet.

Examples of recruiting videos

1. Videos in job advertisements:

  1. description: Short videos that are embedded in online job ads to increase the attention of potential applicants. These can provide insights into everyday working life, the team, and corporate culture.
  2. advantages: Increases the engagement rate of ads, makes the job description more appealing, and helps applicants better identify with the position offered and the company.

2. Video testimonials from employees:

  1. description: Videos in which current employees talk about their experiences and career paths in the company. Such testimonials are often shared on the company's career page or social networks.
  2. advantages: Strengthens trust in the company and its culture, improves employer branding, and motivates potential applicants to apply.

3. Video tours through the company:

  1. description: Videos that provide a virtual tour of the work environment, including offices, common areas, and other important areas.
  2. advantages: Gives a realistic impression of the workplace and the atmosphere, which can be particularly attractive for remote applicants.

4. Videos for social media recruiting:

  1. description: Videos developed specifically for social media, which are used to promote job advertisements, provide insights into corporate events or highlight special achievements of employees.
  2. advantages: Reaches a wider and often younger target group, increases interaction on social platforms and supports the company's viral marketing.

5. Videos for onboarding new employees:

  1. description: Orientation videos that help new employees find their way into the company more quickly. These can include information about company policies, work processes, and the team.
  2. advantages: Speeds up the onboarding process, reduces time spent on personal training, and ensures a consistent understanding among new employees.

StoryBox white paper“More talent with HR videos” In our white paper, we have put together many helpful tips and measures to help you win with video communication in the “War for Talents.” >> Request a white paper and receive it by emailBest practices for using video communication in recruitingTo make the most of videos in recruiting, recruiters should follow the following best practices:

  1. Create target group-specific content: Understand the needs and interests of the target audience to create tailored videos that resonate.
  2. Maintain authenticity: Use real employees and real work environments in videos to ensure an authentic presentation of the company.
  3. Ensuring CI compliance: Use tools like StoryBox to ensure that all videos comply with corporate identity guidelines.
  4. Regular updates and fresh content: Keep video content fresh to maximize engagement and ensure relevant communication.

ConclusionThese examples show how effectively video communication can be used in recruiting to not only reduce time to hire and increase cost efficiency but also to strengthen the employer brand and speed up the onboarding process. By implementing StoryBox, companies can take advantage of these benefits and modernize their recruiting processes to stand out in a competitive job market.Discover how videos can revolutionize your recruiting! Book one now non-binding strategic exchange with us and find out how you can make your hiring processes more efficient. We are looking forward to getting to know you and opening up new opportunities together!

Best Practices für den Einsatz von Videokommunikation im Recruiting

Zur optimalen Nutzung von Videos im Recruiting sollten Recruiter folgende Best Practices beachten:

  1. Zielgruppenspezifische Inhalte erstellen: Verstehe die Bedürfnisse und Interessen der Zielgruppe, um maßgeschneiderte Videos zu erstellen, die resonieren.
  2. Authentizität wahren: Nutze echte Mitarbeiter und reale Arbeitsumgebungen in Videos, um eine authentische Darstellung desUnternehmens zu gewährleisten.
  3. CI-Konformität sicherstellen: Verwende Tools wie StoryBox, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Videos den Corporate Identity-Richtlinien entsprechen.
  4. Regelmäßige Updates und frischer Content: Halte Videoinhalte aktuell, um das Engagement zu maximieren und eine relevante Kommunikation zu gewährleisten.


Diese Beispiele zeigen, wie effektiv Videokommunikation im Recruiting eingesetzt werden kann, um nicht nur die Time to Hire zu reduzieren und die Kosteneffizienz zu steigern, sondern auch die Employer Brand zu stärken und den Onboarding-Prozess zu beschleunigen. Durch die Implementierung von StoryBox können Unternehmen diese Vorteile nutzen und ihre Recruiting-Prozesse modernisieren, um sich in einem wettbewerbsintensiven Arbeitsmarkt hervorzuheben.

Entdecke, wie Videos dein Recruiting revolutionieren können! Buche jetzt einen unverbindlichen strategischen Austausch mit uns und erfahre, wie du deine Einstellungsprozesse effizienter gestalten kannst. Wir freuen uns darauf, dich kennenzulernen und gemeinsam neue Möglichkeiten zu erschließen!


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