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As a recruiter for your company, are you looking for new employees? Then you know for sure how fiercely competitive  Talent Acquisition nowadays is. Especially the Generation Y no longer sees going to work as a necessary means of earning money. The mew Generation wants a lot more to identify with their job and be able to realize themselves with their tasks and ideas.

However, this is only possible if the company fits in. After all, only then can you decide or develop when you feel good too. To get an impression even before the first personal meeting, the video is very popular with talents and candidates. In this way, they can at first glance Determine whether they work in the respective company and would like to apply for the vacant position.

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“More talent with HR videos” 

In our white paper, we have put together many helpful tips and measures to help you win with video communication in the “War for Talents.” 

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Work-life blending is becoming increasingly important

It wasn't long ago that the topic of work-life balance played an important role. Professional and private matters should therefore be separated from each other and pushed into fixed time frames. However, various studies show that this procedure does not work as well as initially expected.

Instead, the idea of work-life blending. Here, professional and private concerns are mixed up and the rigid time windows are broken up. A survey by the GFU, for example, shows that 42 percent of 6000 participants read business emails even in their free time. Of these, 28 percent of those surveyed say they answer them. On the other hand, there is a large proportion of people who read private emails during working hours and also on social media on the road.

The borders are therefore becoming increasingly blurred. We spend our free time with our favorite colleagues and do work from time to time even after work. To be able to live this concept, Identification with the company is unavoidable. After all, why should you focus on professional tasks beyond the limits of working hours if you don't also feel connected to your employer?

Pick up talent early with video recruiting

For this reason, the identification and connection with the company right from the start should be promoted. And the beginning does not mean the job interview or the start of work in the company. No! As a recruiter, as soon as you first come into contact with the talent, you should actively influence Candidate Journey.

This works best with a video message. According to Forbes magazine, 80% of all content on the Internet is shared in video format. For this reason, recruiters should also use this format to top talents to address. Facebook, for example, uses videos for its talent acquisition and thus gives an insight into “What it's like to work at Facebook.” The company is letting various employees have their say in this regard.

The Generation Y feels addressed of this form of recruiting. They want to get information quickly and immediately notice whether the chemistry is right and whether the company's values and culture are also compatible with her ideas. The salary and the number of vacation days haven't played an overriding role for a long time. Instead, the talents want to know what the premises look like and whether they meet the desired standard. How is the broadcasting potential new colleagues And would you like to spend most of your day in this circle?

As a recruiter, you can answer all these questions with Video messages answer. By giving an insight behind the scenes of the company, you can therefore help applicants choose your company and also Work there permanently. The latter is an important point. Retaining talent has become more difficult in recent times. It is all the more important that Commitment to the company promotes and firmly integrates talent as an employee from day one.

Benefits of videos in talent acquisition

With professional and entertaining video messages, you can create an attractive employer brand for your company and set it apart from the competition.

In addition to strategic aspects, video recruiting has even more benefits. You can convey important information within a very short time using video. In addition, a video message is not tied to place or time. The talents can do it play mobile even on the go and watch as often as you like.

StoryBox is the SaaS solution for successfully using video communication in your company. Impress talents, candidates, and applicants and easily create videos that convince and inspire — in no time at all.

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This video recruiting tool makes talent acquisition easier for you

Do you want to Reach talent and arouse their interest in your company? Then you should choose the video format. To save time and money while still being professional, you can use a video tool. The StoryBox App Iss, for example, good support for candidate experience to have a positive impact right from the start.

With StoryBox, you can completely create videos intuitively, without having to have any previous knowledge. Easy-to-understand tutorials guide you through the tool and help you record appealing video messages. You even have the advantage that you can store your company's logos, fonts, and colors and thus create templates. So you don't just build employer branding but also allow your employees to produce videos independently within the CI.

If you want more info about StoryBox: Book a demo. In a personal conversation, you can also discuss with the experts how to use StoryBox ideal in your company.


The fact that videos are playing an increasingly important role can be seen especially in Generation Y media usage. The video format is therefore on the rise not only in the private sector but also in professional life and should also be used in Talent Acquisition to find its application. As a recruiter, you can give talents a first impression of which position is vacant and what kind of company it is. This allows them to quickly filter whether the job compatible with their way of life is.

In addition, even before the very first day of work, videos promote Identification with the employer. As a recruiter, it allows you to present the company authentically. You can communicate the key values and corporate culture directly with videos in order not only to attract talent but also to hold them permanently. Because, in addition to talent acquisition, that is probably the ultimate goal — not only to find new employees but also to retain them.


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