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... and answered the most important questions about recruiting video

How can companies stand out in the competitive employee market to attract not only the best talent but above all the right talent? This is where the recruiting video comes in — a dynamic tool that not only shows but also captivates. Let's find out why recruiting videos are a Must for modern and future-oriented recruitment. We show 5 TOP recruiting video examples and answer the most important questions about recruitment video.

Why should companies increasingly use videos in recruiting?

Imagine being able to capture the essence of your business in just a few minutes. You could give potential candidates real insight into what it means to be part of your team. Or you answer your applicants' most important questions before the initial contact Show charm, wit, and your uniqueness. That is exactly what recruitment videos make possible. 

They offer a lively and authentic presentation of your corporate culture and show the work environment, colleagues, and what they value. Real images say more than any job description. This not only increases the chance of the right candidates applying but also strengthens your employer branding. You can also use the videos in very different ways, for example for your social media or website as well as throughout the recruiting process — from active sourcing to onboarding.

How do you recognize a good recruiting video?

A promising recruitment video is characterized by authenticity and clarity. It should convey the individual values and culture of your company without appearing overproduced or staged. However, you shouldn't sacrifice quality! 

Real employee voices and faces as well as real insights into everyday working life or your rooms are worth their weight in gold. Regardless of whether you

  • Provide insights for an open position
  • send a call for applications via direct message
  • Demonstrate transparency or social commitment
  • or simply want to attract attention

... your message should be well thought out according to the goal and address the desired target group directly. This is how you build a connection and arouse interest among the right candidates.

Our TOP 5 recruiting video examples

Not only do you like to watch, but you also know what is waiting for you in the company: These 5 companies are showing off different approaches for recruiting films.

  1. No-gos and top tips for a job interview at PORR

The Firm PORR In her recruiting video “You score points”, she reveals the no-gos and top tips for interested applicants. The aim is to give applicants a take away the fear of talking and to provide assistance — a nice side effect: The viewer sees the potential future conversation partners in the video! The video also shows very clearly: There is no need for a complex set-up or a set scene. 

  1. Transparent recruiting process at Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One provides authentic insights into the internal application process and thus makes it easier for applicants to submit documents and conduct interviews. It will The most important questions answered and at the same time, viewers also get their first glimpses of the business premises. Taken without unnecessary frills,...

  1. Team insights at EDEKA

An Edeka branch is showing the way: without major production costs The team shows up in the video for potential applicants and customers (and celebrates all colleagues at the same time) at events and team activities, presenting brief insights into seminars and meetings.

  1. Employee testimonial for the tax firm INTERDATA Treuhand AG

The video shows what's important: unsophisticated scenes with real employees! The 3-minute video demonstrates diversity and has a human appearance, as it presents different employees in different positions, speaking freely about themselves and their tasks as well as their career paths. In addition, an interested candidate gets an insight into the business premises.

  1. IGC company presentation

One message comes across clearly in IGC's “No Image Film”: In this company, the focus is on people. This is also associated with his well-being, fun at work, and good cooperation. The IGC not only claims this but also lets real local employees and insights into every day (working) life charmingly speak for themselves.

How do you also create a successful recruiting film in your company?

Start with a clear vision: What do you want to show potential applicants? What makes your company special? A storyboard can help organize your ideas. As soon as you have defined them, plan the logistics. This includes 

  • the selection of the right employees as the faces of the video
  • Determining the areas of your company to be shown
  • creating a script (although kept simple)
  • Using the right technology for recording, sound, lighting, and editing

That's where StoryBox comes in!

We provide you with tried and tested video templates for various use cases for your video projects. Our video app has all the necessary features for recording, sound, and lighting. Thanks to AI, our users can also intuitively incorporate virtual backgrounds, B-rolls, and voice overlays as well as music.

How long should a recruiting video last?

Short is the magic word here. An ideal recruiting video shouldn't take longer than one to three minutes. Long enough to provide insight and generate interest, but short enough not to lose viewers' attention. Remember that attention span online is limited and a concise video has more impact. It is often a good idea to shoot several videos instead of a long recruiting film.

You can also post short snippets of the video on social media channels like LinkedIn and encourage your employees to share. Ideally, you can then find the full video on your company profile and the website.

Who and what should be seen in the recruiting film?

The choice of who and what should be seen in your recruiting video is decisive and also depends on the core message of the video. 

Focus on employees

Real employees who talk about their experiences, challenges, and everyday work give credibility. It is also important to show the diversity of your team and how employees in different departments work together. A good mix of interviews, snapshots of daily life in the office and maybe even events provides a good insight. Read more here about how you can give your employees shyness in front of the camera.

Companies in focus

When it comes to company focus, it is important to highlight the uniqueness of your company. Why is it so special to work here? What makes your company different from others, particularly in the same industry? What bonuses do you offer and how do employees live them out — such as job bikes, company cars, etc? Who suits you and your culture best?

Work in focus

Give insights into the projects and tasks that are typical for your company. Show what working at home looks like, what makes it exciting and perhaps special, and which technologies or methods are used. Be careful not to reveal any internal company data, for example by filming computer screens or process boards.


Recruiting videos are not just a fad, but an investment in the future of your company. They enable you to send a strong and authentic message in no time that resonates and attracts. With a well-made video, you are not only able to attract the best talent but also strengthen your image as a modern and attractive employer. If you follow the most important rules for content, length, etc., and use innovative technology such as StoryBox for video production, nothing stands in the way of the success of your recruiting films!


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