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That's why you should focus on proactive recruiting

“A highly trained specialist is open for a new job. He/she looks around the market for companies with vacancies, but finds that the job advertisements do not seem appropriate or, in the worst case, are not meaningful, so the search is paused again for now. ”

Imagine yourself as a potential new employer right now in this scenario. That is by Actively drawing the attention of a specialist to you, meeting her on equal footing, presenting an exciting job with lucrative conditions, and presenting yourself as an attractive company with an appropriate culture. This is what profitable recruiting through active sourcing looks like.

But how does the modern, personal, and direct approach of suitable candidates on LinkedIn work?

Why you should use LinkedIn for recruiting

LinkedIn has established itself as a social network with around 800 million users for business contacts and established as a portal for job and candidate searches. Because users use the platform to communicate with business (and private contacts), it is ideal for companies and recruiters. Organizations can post job ads on their company profile, and recruiters or employees can spread open positions within their network, and search candidates for companies with open positions. 

With products such as Talent Solutions, LinkedIn also offers the recruiter the opportunity to suggest suitable candidates for the job by their search, whom they can contact. 

This is how active sourcing works on LinkedIn

Proactive behavior is essential in recruiting in today's applicant market. This is because there are en masse jobs available, but only a few well-trained, motivated employees are available and fit in with the culture. That is why companies can no longer only use suitable talents but should they win over specifically. Another advantage is that proactive companies attract more attention to themselves. Even if an organization and a candidate do not come together at this stage, The employer remains relevant for the future job search.

These steps are part of a successful talent search on LinkedIn

Step 1: Search candidates with the right filters on LinkedIn

You can attract the attention of suitable talent on LinkedIn via direct message. In this case, it is important that the message only reaches the right candidates. You can do this, for example, by setting appropriate filters in the search field or through candidate pools. As part of profile mining, you are looking for a specific job description/qualification or candidates with a regional connection.

Step 2: Contact us via personal video message

Think about what you want your message to convey to candidates. The more personal and tailored to the person, the better the chances of success. Generically formulated mass mailings get lost or scared off, particularly on fast-moving and overcrowded social media platforms. Messages with video content achieve a high success rate — On average, they receive around 50% more replies than traditional text messages. With video, you create a personal connection and transport emotions.

  • For example, send a short video invitation to a non-binding, 15-minute exchange about new career opportunities
  • Record a video for a new vacancy and integrate the team leader or colleagues to prove transparency
  • Show what makes your company special and explain what you value about new colleagues
  • Draw attention to yourself as a company in a creative, unique clip

Step 3: Follow-up for TOP candidates

Once the first hurdle has been overcome and an interview has been arranged, or if you want to contact interesting candidates again, you can simply record a short video follow-up. This invites applicants to stay in touch with you and brings you back to mind.

Video can do a lot more: You can also use videos beyond recruiting, for example when onboarding your new employees.

Use StoryBox to find talent on LinkedIn

With the help of our intuitive tool, which is ideally equipped for daily use in recruiting, even laymen can record short video messages for various jobs or contact attempts and reach out to candidates.

Whether in the style of your brand, GDPR-compliant, or as a collaborative video project — our video app StoryBox meets all your active sourcing needs on LinkedIn. We would be happy to show you in a short demo What a recruiting video for LinkedIn can look like.


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