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Use targeted employees as brand ambassadors

When looking for a new talent or trainee for your company, you have certainly looked a bit deeper into your pocket. After all, measures for the staff that are recruiting usually involve a certain amount of costs. Among other things, websites are set up and used, job advertisements are published, content for social media channels is produced and job fairs are visited. That comes at a price, of course.

Probably the easiest and most cost-effective way of talent acquisition, however, is to use your employees as Brand Ambassadors. A company's most valuable resource for expanding employer branding and successful recruiting is its employees. Out of conviction or in return for a small bonus, your colleagues can help you represent your corporate culture and your company's performance on the job market to increase. Why it is beneficial to turn your employees into brand ambassadors we'll tell you in this article.

What is a brand ambassador?

When you talk about an employee as a brand ambassador, you mean employees who are brand ambassadors present the company and present the company favorably to the public. They build up a kind of trust with talents and candidates by interacting directly with the target group. This works, for example, with the help of Video messages via social media channels.

Talents thus get a positive impression and in this way develop an interest in learning more about the company as an employer to find out. However, as a brand ambassador, the employee is usually not interested in recruiting trainees or bringing freelancers on board. Much more is the general increasing attractiveness of the company as a brand in its focus.

A brand ambassador uses these tools

Probably the most important instrument of a Brand Ambassador is social media. In addition to more mainstream channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, this also includes business-oriented platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing. There, with the help of posts and videos, they can contribute to the company's reputation and address the target group directly.

In addition to the digital component, there is also the opportunity to represent the company as a brand ambassador at conferences and trade fairs. There your brand ambassador has the opportunity to talk directly to the talents and also answer questions that arise in a video message that cannot be considered.

It is therefore a good idea to design a mix of both variants and to place employees as brand ambassadors at events at regular intervals to direct exchange with the target group. With the digital approach, you in turn achieve a significantly higher range as at a trade fair or conference, which is why it is advisable to take advantage of both components.

These are the benefits of a brand ambassador for your company

Would you like to be more successful in recruiting plus boosting your Employer Branding for your company? Then you should count on an employee as a brand ambassador. The integration of internal brand ambassadors into the marketing and recruiting strategy certainly has its advantages. We will explain to you what these are below.

1. A personal connection to the target group 

One of the many benefits you can make use of when you work with Brand Ambassadors is the personal connection that is established with the target group. Of course, this is only possible if your brand ambassador also has a corresponding interesting or likable personality.

Precisely because the brand ambassador himself is part of the company and works there, he symbolizes talents and candidates with more transparency and credibility as an image film or an ad on a job portal, for example. In this way, it is possible to communicate the values and culture of your company and also to show how diversity and other topics are dealt with. That is a point that is particularly important in Generation Y and significantly contributes to choosing a new job.

2. Cost-effective recruiting

In addition, using internal brand ambassadors is a cost-effective way to recruit employees. There is no need to pay for expensive social media campaigns. You also save a lot of time. As a rule, an employer needs several months to attract talent and select suitable applicants for a vacant position.

However, if you find a recommendation from employees, those who have ideally already worked for the company for several years, new talents, and trainees are usually interested much more quickly. This affects the candidate experience and also the recruiting process. The latter can be significantly abbreviated in this way.

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3. Retain employees in the long term

An important point when recruiting new employees is the time spent within the company. As a recruiter, you have certainly experienced that you have recruited talent and that the vacant position is also filled, but after a few months or years, the person is changing the company again. That is unfortunate, of course, but not uncommon. The aim of the recruiting and onboarding strategy should therefore always be to retain employees in the company for the long term.

The use of Brand Ambassadors can contribute to this — from the opposite perspective. If a position within the company is vacant, employees can make recommendations and suggest people whom they know well and think are qualified for the open position. In addition, employees can assess well whether the talents fit into the team in terms of character and what their work ethic is doing. This is all information that you can usually only collect after onboarding.

For this reason, it makes sense to trust your employees and take a closer look at the talents they suggest. So you can usually save a lot of time in the recruiting process and hire applicants who can and want to work for the company in the long term.

4. Strengthening employer branding

Another advantage of working with a brand ambassador is strengthening the Employer Branding. This not only happens virtually on social media but also in a completely analogous way when meetings and conversations with acquaintances and friends are involved. After all, anyone who is satisfied with their job and employer likes to talk about their work and therefore also creates a positive public image. This increases your company's reputation on the job market and, inevitably, the interest of fresh talent.

An easy video tool for your brand ambassador

With the help of an internal brand ambassador, you plan the process of your recruiting staff to accelerate and cost-effectively attract new talent. A good video tool is essential. A good choice here is the StoryBox App. They enable you and your brand ambassador to create videos easily and intuitively without sacrificing quality or having to invest a lot of time in production. Easy-to-understand tutorials help you get started right away — even without any previous technical knowledge.

To help expand your company's employer branding, you can even create templates and store logos and fonts with StoryBox. So Can your employees without much effort create videos within the CI and thus create a consistent appearance.

For more accurate info on the app: Book a demo. Experts will then discuss with you how you can best use StoryBox for your company and how the video tool can be integrated into your work routine.


If you're looking for new talents for your company, the journey isn't always short and without obstacles. Good help here can be the integration of employees as brand ambassadors. With their interesting personality and positive charisma, he represents your company to the outside world and provides a direct connection to talents and applicants here.

The benefits of this recruiting measure are manifold. This not only saves you time and money by avoiding complex social media campaigns. The brand ambassador also creates a completely different level of transparency and credibility. As a result, he automatically strengthens employer branding and influences the candidate experience. New employees who will therefore remain with your company in the long term.


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