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Employer branding is now a decisive factor in the battle for qualified specialists. One of the most effective means to present your company. In this article, you'll learn what employer branding is, why an employer branding video is important, what types of videos there are, and how to create a successful video.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding describes the strategic positioning and presentation of a company as an attractive employer. The aim is to address potential employees' employer attractiveness toward increase and to strengthen the loyalty of existing employees to their own company. You achieve this by using your Employees as a mouthpiece. Whether by appearing on social media or talking about their experiences in a blog article.

Employer Branding Video: Why is it important?

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and digitization, employer branding is becoming increasingly important. Companies must Stand out from the competition and build a good reputation as an employer to attract and retain qualified employees over the long term.

Reach out to potential employees

An employer branding video offers the opportunity to address potential employees on an emotional level and give them an authentic insight into the corporate culture and working conditions.

Increasing employer attractiveness

With an appealing and authentic video, you can increase the attractiveness of your company as an employer and set yourself apart from the competition.

Strengthen employee loyalty

A good employer branding video can also help strengthen the loyalty of current employees by promoting pride in the company and helping them identify with the corporate culture.

Types of Employer Branding Videos

Corporate culture videos

These videos focus on corporate culture and the working atmosphere. They show what daily cooperation in the company looks like and which values and standards are lived out.

Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials are personal testimonials from employees who talk about their jobs, their daily work, and their experiences in the company. This type of video creates a personal connection between the viewer and the speaker and conveys authentic impressions.

Recruiting videos

Recruiting videos are specifically designed to present vacancies and career opportunities in the company. They can include information about the qualifications you are looking for, the application process, and the benefits of the company.

4 steps to create and publish a successful employer branding video

Step 1: Target group analysis

Before you start creating your video, you should carefully analyze the audience you want the video to be aimed at. What are the expectations and needs of potential employees regarding their jobs? What are their interests, and what are their motivations? This information helps you find the right sound and content for your video.

Step 2: Storytelling

A good story grabs viewers' attention and makes your video more interesting. Come up with a creative idea that communicates your company values and culture in a fun and engaging way. Start your video by including this story and then move on to your message.

Step 3: Video production

When producing your employer branding video, ensure high quality. Poorly produced videos can damage your image and undermine your company's credibility. Choose appropriate camera settings, lighting conditions, and sound quality for a professional result. Your video shouldn't be too long either. Online viewers invest 1-3 minutes for videos before scrolling on.

Step 4: Dissemination and Promotion

After your video is complete, you should share it on various channels to get as wide a reach as possible. Use social media platforms that are common in your industry, as well as your company website and job boards to present your video and reach out to potential employees.

Tips for a Successful Employer Branding Video

Show authenticity

Be honest and authentic in your video. Show the true face of your company and avoid fake presentations or exaggerated presentations that look played out.

Awaken emotions

Try to arouse positive emotions in viewers. An emotional connection to your company increases the likelihood that potential employees will be interested in you and submit an application.

Include visual elements

Use appealing visual elements to make your video interesting and fun. Use animations, graphics, or interesting camera settings to visually enhance your video.

Mistakes to avoid when creating employer branding videos

Avoid boring, meaningless videos that don't create an emotional connection or don't convey relevant information about your business. Be careful not to rely too much on self-congratulation and instead focus on the needs and interests of your target audience. Make sure your video isn't too long to keep viewers' attention.

Measuring the success of your employer branding video

To measure the success of your employer branding video, you can use various key figures. This includes:

  • the number of video views
  • The length of time the audience stays
  • the number of posts shared and commented on
  • the resulting applications and new hires

Examples of successful employer branding videos from our customers

There are many examples of successful employer branding videos. Companies such as Google, BMW, Adidas, and Lufthansa use this tool to present their corporate culture and working environment creatively and authentically.

Our customers also use employer branding videos for their brands. In doing so, they rely on the features of our StoryBox video app, which supports even laymen in daily video production and enables high-quality content.

Sample video from Avantgarde Experts

Example video from Bankpower

Sample video from DB Schenker

Sample video from JobTeaser


An employer branding video is an effective tool to present your company as an attractive employer and attract potential employees. Focus on authenticity, emotional appeal, and good production to create a successful video that appeals to your target audience.

To make efficient use of your resources, use our video tool StoryBox. We have developed StoryBox for everyday use. Included, personalized templates support you step by step during video production.

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We have several brands, is that possible?
You can use StoryBox with more than just one brand and therefore with multiple CIs. We will work out the pricing for this individually for you.
How many videos can we make?
The number of videos you produce with StoryBox is unlimited in all packages. Our most important goal is that you can use StoryBox to create good video content with high output.
How many users are included in the packages?
We have no user limits on StoryBox. Pricing is per department and country. Together, we will work out individually for you what this could look like for you.
How are the packages billed?
The pricing of our packages is usually based on departments and countries.

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