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Do the same questions from customers come to your customer service over and over again? Do applicants often have similar questions about the process? Are there always the same ambiguities about important processes internally? Sounds like your company could use FAQ videos!

In the world of digital communication, FAQ videos are an essential tool. They offer a unique opportunity to convey important information appealingly and concisely. That's why you too should rely on FAQ videos today!

What are FAQ videos anyway?

FAQ videos, short for “Frequently Asked Questions” videos, are digital media formats designed to answer frequently asked questions in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. Text-based answers are often perceived by readers as lengthy and dry, whereas FAQ videos use the power of visualization and storytelling to communicate complex information in an accessible way. In doing so, we remember what is said not only because of its brevity but above all because it is spoken rather than written. 

This type of video can be implemented in various styles, such as animations, interviews, or Explanatory videos

In any case, FAQ videos should always be produced when customer questions arise frequently, applicants want to find out more about the application process or internal processes need to be explained. FAQ videos can be public on the company website, on the intranet, or on a product page be found used in email marketing, or can be used for social media posts. As with the written FAQ, you navigate through the most important questions and answer them.

In which area can you use FAQ videos?

Internal processes (e.g. onboarding)

Ensure a smooth onboarding of new team members or simplify everyday work for your employees by explaining key processes in your company via FAQ. This includes, for example, the following questions from your employees: How do I call in sick? How do I apply for vacation? How do I order new hardware?

Sales & Customer Service

Make it easier for your prospects to buy and for your users to use the product by explaining all questions about the product or service and how to use it in detail. This includes, for example, answering questions such as: How do I start up the device? Is the use GDPR-compliant? Are there any new updates to the software? 


To answer all important (potential) questions from your TOP candidates in advance and thus make the application process even leaner and more efficient, you can record FAQ videos for your recruiting. Explain all future steps and procedures — taken personally by the HR manager.

The five big benefits — that's what you can achieve with FAQ videos

  1. Improved customer loyalty and understanding

FAQ videos make it possible to present complex topics simply and understandably. Instead of reading long texts, your customers can look at the answers to their questions. This saves time and improves understanding. A well-made video can help customers feel closer to your brand.

  1. SEO benefits from video content

Customers and applicants love explanations, search engines love videos! By embedding FAQ videos on your website, you can increase visitors' time spent and make your users happy, which has a positive effect on your SEO ranking. In addition, videos are often given priority in search results, which further increases your visibility.

  1. Increasing credibility and trust

Videos make it possible to show personality and authenticity. An FAQ video in which a team member speaks directly to customers builds trust and strengthens the credibility of your brand.

  1. Efficient communication and time savings

Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, you can create a one-stop shop for frequently asked questions with an FAQ video. This not only saves your customer service, HR, and Co. time but also your customers.

  1. Reaching out to new target groups

Videos are particularly popular with younger target groups. By producing an FAQ video, you can also reach these hard-to-reach customers and win them over to your brand, such as by posting your video on your social networks.

What tips are there for producing an FAQ video?

  • First, find the right questions so that you can then formulate the most appropriate answers. To do this, you can work closely with your customer advisors or the sales team to understand the problems faced by customers or applicants and evaluate their feedback.
  • Use the expertise and voice of your employees, who are closely linked to the corresponding processes and products. They usually have the best answers, even to unusual or complex questions.
  • Use simple and easy-to-understand language in your video. If a topic is too complex, shoot 1-2 more videos to explain parts or short questions.
  • Decide when simply explaining or answering questions is enough and when you should rather show important details hands-on.

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