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Authentic corporate videos that resonate

More than 80% of the content on the web today consists of video. Especially in the business sector, not all are entertaining, appealing, and authentic

Videos for companies do not always have to be in image film format with time-consuming and costly, complex production, but can also represent everyday, approachable video sequences. Denn's most successful is this type of content, (EGCS=Employer Generated Content). That's why your employees belong in front of the camera! For applicants, customers, and colleagues, the message is more meaningful, memorable, and authentic when it appears human and honest. 

Using a few examples, we'll show you how to use your employees on video projects.

Make your videos versatile with the right content and presenters

Agile and successful application processes via video

  • With videos, you can draw attention to vacancies via video posts, for example on social media.

This is how you use your employees: Integrate the respective team, team lead, or recruiter who, instead of application phrases or hard facts, responds better to the corporate culture and why you are the right (not necessarily the best) employer.

This is how you use your employees: Choose an appropriate address for your industry and position and create an emotional connection between speaker and audience. 

  • Reach With video messages your TOP candidates more directly and also more effectively. Messages with video content get 50% more replies!

This is how you use your employees: Be charming and show in personal video messages that your employees are valued. You're already doing this by having your employees contact candidates themselves.

  • Dispatch memorable follow-ups via video.

This is how you use your employees: Explain why you are interested in candidates and what to offer. Focus less on phrases and more on individuality, which an employee best conveys.

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Everyday life of an employee as a video

  • Shoot everyday follow-me-around videos for more insight into daily doing certain positions to attract potential candidates to you

This is how you use your employees: Think about what makes you stand out as a company and incorporate this into the video. Sustainability? Work-life balance? Special bonuses or office benefits? Let the employee speak freely.

Sales processes including video

  • Create a product presentation with interesting facts as a video record. This significantly contributes to trustworthiness and opens new doors for you in communication with your customers.

This is how you use your employees: Have an employee who knows the product well demonstrate how to use it.

  • Use videos for personal follow-ups to hot leads toward Sending. Reach your potential customers on a human level and ensure better response rates.

This is how you use your employees: Make the follow-up as individual as possible! Make sure your message is clear and formulate the message in such a way that the customer feels addressed by your employee.

Corporate communication with video

  • Use video presentations to provide management information or regular announcements in the form of a to deliver newsletters to employees. This is particularly advantageous for asynchronous work models.

This is how you use your employees: Include team members or managers in the video, in which everyone talks about their department/projects or the like.

  • Set individual Building blocks of your onboarding from new employees via video around and save resources.

This is how you use your employees: By having an employee explain system introductions in a video instead of reading them in documentation, you ensure more personal connection and commitment.

  • Instead of designing training courses as pure text assignments, turn them over as interactive videos with real scenes from everyday life, because this is how the information learned is better preserved.

This is how you use your employees: Involve experts for the respective topic in the training.

That's why your employees are the strongest ambassadors for your brand

There are many reasons for using your employees in all video projects related to your company and has numerous advantages:

  • Your employees have hands-on insight into products, processes, and corporate culture. If anyone can best communicate that information, it's them.
  • Applicants want true insights into your company, not a superficial presentation with a marketing character. The human side is always at the forefront of videos. Take advantage of this advantage and integrate your teams.
  • Videos make for a larger and more diverse pool of applicants, even though your recordings also show diversity within the company.
  • You create more trust in your brand through authentic brand ambassadors who are familiar with their milieu and have a voice in their network.
  • Increase employee loyalty by using video projectors, and ensure more commitment and initiative. Because your employees feel valued and heard.
  • Through cross-departmental video projects, you strengthen the sense of community.


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