The video boost in Employer Branding

From the initial contact to after hiring: Video captivates you right from the start and brings you the best talent in a more efficient recruiting process
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Successful HR starts with a strong Employer brand

More applications for companies that use videos in employer branding
More engagement with video content
Higher reading rate of video content compared to text
Increased engagement with video content

Employees are the strongest force in talent scouting. Use it as a mouthpiece and kill two birds with one stone: Retaining your current employees and getting new talent interested.

Follow me around

It is the right job when the actual working day matches your own ideas. With video, you give authentic insights into the real everyday life of your team — with a coffee break, team meeting and get-together in the evening — and at the same time retain your employees through their commitment.

Team Spirit

Nothing gets a message across as strongly as someone who believes in it. Use the power of employees to send your message to potential applicants. Create a strong connection between your company, team, and new talent.

People in focus

Talents want to be ensnared. Whether through team events, benefits or simply your corporate culture in general. Show that you focus on people.
Competitive brand through video content

If you want to position yourself as a top company among your competitors, you need the support of your own employees. This requires a great deal of transparency.

Show uniqueness

No company is like yours. Provide unique insights into your unique culture, show important personalities, projects or details from everyday working life. In this way, attract the right talent, contacts, partners and customers.


Even if viewing a post or reading a message doesn't result in an application, a demo or a purchase, you'll be remembered with professional, charming and expressive videos. And thus support your brand retention on the market in the long term.

Ready to use

Employees like to speak for their company when they feel valued and stand behind the message. Therefore, involve employees in video projects. And gain new opportunities through your network of employees.
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