Full video power in Onboarding

Quick familiarization with the company is essential, both professionally and personally. Video transmits information much faster and carries emotions.
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Scalable Onboarding that works

Increased employee engagement when onboarding content is delivered as video instead of text
Employees are more likely to watch a video than a text document
Faster knowledge transfer when content is transported as video
Higher reading rate of video content compared to text
Effective onboarding

The first few days in a new job lay the foundation for further cooperation. Build a personal bond with the new team right from the start with video messages.

Preboarding: Picked up from the start

Only those who feel comfortable work efficiently. Send personal video messages to new colleagues before their first day.

Digital onboarding

Onboarding processes are often cumbersome for both parties. Be scalable and use smart videos for how-tos or short system introductions for new employees.

Get to know the company better

Fresh employees want to know more about their new employer in order to identify with him. Shoot short videos about the company's history, the most important managers and everyday working life. Get up to 75% more views through video content and thus a better understanding of their role in the company.

Integration and information

The focus of the active onboarding phase is proper integration into the teams and the rapid transfer of information to new employees. Use automated and easy-to-understand video introductions to important company information, software usage, etc. 95% more information stays in your head when conveyed as a video.

Take your onboarding to the next level

Create corporate video content in just a few minutes. CI and DSGVO compliant and without any previous knowledge.
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