Full video power for Internal Communication

Create high-quality videos quickly and easily with your team for authentic, approachable and transparent communication in your company
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Transparent and experiential communication in the company

of employees are more likely to watch a video than a text document
faster transfer of knowledge when content is transported as video
higher reminder rate of video content compared to text
Management updates

Whether a corporation, a medium-sized company or a start-up: Management remains connected to the departments, teams and each individual employee via video. And employees are part of the organization.

Company reports

Everyone is interested in business development. However, these wastes of text disappear in full mailboxes. It is therefore better to rely on videos to present important business figures and forecasts in an appealing way.

Important news

Every piece of news from management ensures greater transparency. And that means more trust in company management. Rely on video for authentic updates in the company.

Crisis communication

In an emergency, short lines of communication are important so that the message reaches everyone — even asynchronously. With video, the message becomes clear, the speaker appears approachable and you strengthen cooperation.
Events & culture

Live(s) together. Get even closer together with video, provide insight and strengthen the employer brand.

Corporate culture

A major challenge, especially when it comes to remote workplaces: corporate culture. With video, you not only convey information, values and norms, but also emotions and strengthen the team spirit.


Whether it's a lunch, a team event or a company party: With video, you personally invite all employees to a get-together. And attracts more interest and participation.


Missed an event? Thanks to video recordings, you were still there and know what your colleagues had experienced.
Communication in departments

Communicating within teams or departments means maintaining knowledge, strengthening relationships and successfully driving day-to-day business forward.


Whether it's a new employee or a new process: Updates from your departments are said faster than written. Video allows you to communicate the most important information efficiently, asynchronously and humanely.


Can be consumed and archived asynchronously. With video, you counteract knowledge silos, gain valuable expertise and connect your employees.


Hybrid working models require new methods. With video, you are always connected remotely and strengthen cooperation on projects.

The video upgrade in internal communication

Create corporate video content in just a few minutes. CI and DSGVO compliant and without any previous knowledge.
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